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Many people wonder whether it is possible to make money with binary options. The answer is yes – if you apply yourself. In many ways, trading binary options resembles trading stocks. As you master trading them, you have to learn to distinguish winning strategies from losing strategies. In contrast to stocks, however, binary options allow you to get started with much less risk and without paying horrible fees to the bank. helps dedicated binary options traders to maximize their profits. With hundreds of articles, guides, and strategy texts, you can get on the fast-lane to success. To get you started on the right foot, here is a list of the best binary options brokers:

The best binary options brokers

The best US binary options brokers

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Binary Options GuideAt we present binary options trading strategies, money management strategies, and strategies to keep improving. Learn all you need to know about binary options right here.

We analyze strategies that help you pick the right broker, and we detail strategies that help you manage the daily necessities of binary options trading, from planning your day to finding the right mood in which you can trade successfully.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Which binary options strategies do I need?
  • What can a binary site do for me?
  • How can help me achieve my goals?
  • How to use to get a successful start with binary options.

With this information, you will be able to use as your guide to binary options success. Along the way we will tell you how to avoid all risk and maximize your returns.

Why do I need a profitable binary options strategy?

This is the quick access portion of this post. Here, we will provide you with links to the strategies every binary options trade absolutely has to know. To improve your returns with binary options, read these articles:

Basic knowledge about binary options

These articles and guides introduce you to the absolute basics of binary options. If you are completely new to binary options, these articles help you to understand the premise of binary options and which strategies you need to trade them successfully:

Advanced binary options strategies

Once you have understood the basics of binary options trading, you should continue to educate yourself on advanced strategies. These strategies help you to find profitable trading opportunities, to maximize your profits, and to guarantee your long-term success.

Strategies for finding the right binary options broker

Finding the right broker is especially difficult for traders from the United States. There are only a few brokers that accept U.S. traders, and we tell you why this situation exists and how U.S. traders can find a high-quality broker nonetheless.

Read these texts and take a look the rest of our site, and you will be well-set-up for your journey to binary options success and financial independence. To make this journey as simple as possible for you, we will now take a look at what can do for you and how it can help you to make the most of your trading career.

What can do for me? helps dedicated binary options traders to maximize their profits. With hundreds of articles, guides, and binary options strategy texts, you can get in the fast lane to success. This mission statement guides every single one of our decisions, and it shapes everything we do on In detail, our mission statement is why we can do three things for you:

  1. can help you find the ideal binary options strategy,
  2. can help you find the ideal broker,
  3. can help you automate your trading with robots and signals.

Let’s look at each of these points individually. can help you find the ideal binary options strategy

The most important tool to your long-term trading success is your strategy, and can help you find the ideal trading strategy for your character and what you are trying to do.

Your binary options strategy defines what you trade, how you trade it, and how you improve your trading. For this purpose, a winning binary options strategy combines a trading strategy, a money management strategy, and a strategy to evaluate past trades and improve in the future. features in-depth guides and articles on each of this topics, helping you to improve your trading and increase your profits significantly.

Both newcomers and experienced traders can profit from these guides and articles:

Newcomers can get a successful start

When newcomers first enter the binary options world, the amount of things they have to learn can be overwhelming. With our binary options strategy guides, newcomers can distinguish important areas from unimportant areas, which allows them to focus on the things they need to improve to get a successful start.

Our guides can also help you to get a risk-free start. We explain how you can use the risk-free environment of a demo account to develop your binary options strategy until you know that you will make money. Once you reach this point, you can switch to real-money trading and turn a profit from the start. With our guides, you can gain the certainty that you never have to lose money with binary options and that you will be able to turn a profit from the start. What more could newcomers hope for?

Experienced traders can improve their strategies and become even more successful

There is no such thing as a perfect binary options trader. We all have weaknesses. Do you know all there is to know about different types of binary options? Are you a leading expert authority on assets? How about technical analysis, candlesticks, or swing trading?

Every trader has their blind spots. There is room to improve your binary options strategy, too. can help you to learn additional techniques to improve your binary options strategy and to understand your current techniques better, and get a more intuitive understanding of what the market does. Whether you want to learn more about following trends, creating signals, or trading technical indicators, features guides and articles on each of these and any number of other potentially crucial issues.

We are more than just a source of information and education. We also offer advice. We know this marketplace. We have profound insight when it comes to the various companies that operate in this sector. And we are more than happy to share our knowledge and our experience with you. can help you find the ideal binary options broker

Finding the right broker for you is just as essential as finding the right binary options strategy, and we can help you find the ideal broker for you.

In binary options, having the right broker is crucially more important than with stocks and other types of conventional assets because, with conventional assets, your broker is only the gateway to the market, allowing you to buy assets that exist completely independently from your broker. With binary options, however, your broker creates your binary options. Your broker defines the types of binary options you can trade, which payout you get on each option, and which underlying assets you can trade with binary options.

Consequently, your broker defines how much money you can make. At any given time, different brokers will offer different payouts for the same predictions; some brokers will offer predictions no other broker offers, and some brokers will offer assets and binary options types no other broker offers. Finding a broker that offers high payouts on the type of prediction you want to trade and that offers the right assets and binary options types for your trading style is absolutely essential to your long-term trading success

The difficulty in finding the right broker is that there are hundreds of brokers on the market. Especially for new traders, it is almost impossible to understand which of these brokers offer the best trading conditions and can be a solid basis for their long-term trading success. There are so many different types of businesses, each of them claiming to be the best broker in the world and making great promises, that it is very difficult for new traders to make sense of the wealth of offers.

To help you with this dilemma, we have tested all relevant binary options brokers for you. The best of them made our top list of the best binary options brokers available. You can safely choose any broker from this list. We have also written in-depths articles on each broker, which can help you to understand the characteristics of an individual broker and find the broker that is the perfect match for you.

To get you started on the right foot, here is a list of the best binary options brokers:

The binary options brokers above are the best in the business, and that is why we recommend them. With so many brokers in the business, it will draw in some less than respectable people, and it can be very difficult to spot these from the outside.

That is why we strongly recommend choosing one of the brokers from this list instead of just picking one at random. We trust the partners on our list and feel that you should too. The brokers you find here on are all trustworthy, fair, and respectable, and we see no reason for you to distrust them. can help you automate your trading with robots and signals

Robots and signals are two great ways to automate your binary options strategy. This process can help you to eliminate mistakes from your trading, maximize your profits, and never miss a trading opportunity. can help you to find the best robots and signals the world of binary options has to offer.

Signals are a way for you to outsource your market analysis. Instead of having to spend years trying to master technical analysis and suffer through the inevitable rookie mistakes and financial losses these efforts inevitably cause, you can simply buy the expertise of a professional service.

A signal provider tells you what to invest in. You can reduce your own activities to executing these instructions. Typically, you can choose whether you want to receive signals via text message, email or both, and every signal contains the asset, the direction, and the expiry you are supposed to invest in. Even complete newcomers can execute these signals immediately and without problems.

Robots take this approach one step further and also invest on your behalf. Once a robot creates a signal, it will automatically invest in a trade based on this signal with your account.

Compared to signals, this system has its advantages and disadvantages. Our site can help you to understand this connection, decide whether a signal provider or a robot is right for you, and then point you towards the ideal provider for robots or signals. In this way, our site can help you to automate your binary options trading and make money while you sleep.

If you are considering signing up for a subscription with a signal provider or think that investing through a robot might be the best binary options strategy for you, can be your resource to find out everything you need to know in order to make such decisions. And there is no reason to keep this as a secret: the right use of binary options signals and robots will optimize your trading profits significantly – so why not use them?

Here on you will find specific, in-depth articles, dedicated to all the leading signal providers and robots in the business. By taking advantage of all the information we make available, and trusting our advice and guidance, you are taking a short-cut to being a better, more successful and profitable binary options trader.

How can help me achieve my goals

Learn Winning Binary Options Strategy is your site for getting into binary options trading with the best strategies available. Whether you are completely new to binary options or a veteran trader, we guarantee that you will find great resources at

When you are trading binary options seconds really do count, and that means that it has never been more important for you to know what you are doing, and be sure about your choices. Therefore you will benefit greatly from understanding the subjects that we cover here on

Best Strategy guides for Trading Binary Options

In our Guides section, we have everything you need to know as a beginner. We start by explaining the basics – which option types you can choose from, when you should choose which option type, and how to sign up with a broker. You also learn what to look for in a broker, which types of brokers exist, and which type is ideal for you.

In our strategies section, we cover a wide array of strategies that can help you increase your profit when trading binary options. The section covers everything from simple candlelight formations to advanced combinations of many different strategies. Understanding this section will improve your return on investment significantly.

For newcomers, we recommend you start by choosing a broker. Then, you can work your way through our binary options strategy section, starting with the simplest articles and moving on to more complex guides. If you want, you can also take a look at our solutions for automated trading with robots and signals, which can free you from the task of having to master technical analysis yourself.

We are here to help you make more money

Binary options can be a highly profitable tool that can help you to make money quickly and efficiently. Nonetheless, there is no such thing as a free lunch. You have to earn your profits in this market, just like in every other one.

This means that there’s no reward without effort. In binary options, you will have to figure out how to make the big bucks. You need to educate yourself on a number of crucial subjects. And you will need to make good, perfectly timed judgments again and again.

In order to do this, you need to gather a great deal of information. It is also a good idea to listen to some sound advice. Here on our website, we aim to offer both.

Our articles have been devised to provide you with exactly the sort of information you need to maximize your profits. We don’t tell you about things you don’t need to know. We don’t include facts and figures that will not aid you directly in your pursuit of a healthy profit margin. Here at, our only aim is to make you a better, more efficient binary broker.

That means that you can click on every one of our articles, and find something that can assist you on your way to achieving your goals. Regardless of what sort of strengths or weaknesses you might have, here you will find the tools you need to take the next step.

How to use to get a successful start with binary options

To get started with binary options, the first thing you need is a binary options broker. This broker offers you the binary options you can invest in and make money with. Once you have found your ideal broker, we will point you towards the articles you need to read to master trading binary options.

Step 1: Finding the right broker for you

To make finding the right broker easy for you, we have created a top list of the best binary options brokers currently available. If you want things even easier, here are our two top brokers for newcomers: IQ Option and Banc De Binary. We will now take a quick look at both of them, which will help you to understand the differences between brokers and might provide you with a great broker to start with.

The ideal broker for newcomers: IQ Option

IQ Option is the ideal broker for newcomers for a number of reasons:

  1. IQ Option offers the lowest minimum deposits and investments in the business.
  2. IQ Option offers a deposit-free demo.
  3. IQ Option offers some of the highest payouts for high / low options.
  4. IQ Option specializes in high / low options.

These four points combine to make IQ Option the perfect broker for newcomers. With their low minimum deposit, IQ Option allows you to start trading for a deposit of as little as $10, which is only a fraction of the $250 or more other brokers require of you.

Trade with IQ Option now
Start your trading career with a $10 deposit at IQ Option!

To enable you to trade with these $10, IQ Option allows you to make a trade for an investment as lows as $1, which, again, is significantly lower than the $25 or $50 other brokers ask of you. For new traders, these low minimum requirements allow them to start their career with little money and keep their risk low, which is ideal for a type of investing you have never tried before.

In combination with these low requirements, you get one of only two deposit-free demos in the market. For newcomers, this is a great deal. Most other brokers only their demos to customers of their regular trading accounts, which means that you have to get a fully funded account in order to access the demo In the process, you have to deposit an amount at least equal to the broker’s minimum deposit requirement, which usually is $250 or more. Having to invest so much money into a trading style and a broker they have never tried before is a bad deal for newcomers.

IQ Option makes you a better offer – you can get their demo for free. By allowing you to sign up for their demo as a stand-alone account without having to get a regular trading account, IQ Option allows you to get a fully functioning high-quality demo without having to deposit any money.

Such an offer is incredibly rare, and almost a once-in-a-lifetime chance. A demo account works just like a regular trading account but allows you to invest play money instead of real money. In this risk-free environment, you can test your trading skills and develop your binary options strategy without having to worry about losing money or going broke.

Finally, once you make the switch to real-money trading, you can profit from IQ Option’s high payouts and focus on high / low options. High / low options are the ideal binary options type for newcomers because they offer the simplest, most intuitive form of trading and predicting the market – all you have to do is predict whether prices will rise or fall, which is much easier than having to analyze whether the market will reach a target price or make another complicated prediction.

With IQ Option’s high payouts on high / low options, you can make money even if you win a relatively low percentage of your trades.

For the Euro / US Dollar currency pair, IQ Option has offered a payout of 85 percent in the past, which would enable you to make money by winning only 55 percent of your trades. Since high / low options offer only two options as to what can happen next – prices can rise or fall –, you are in the same situation as with a coin flip – random betting means that you will win 50 percent of your trades. If you can increase this value slightly, you will make money with IQ Option – the ideal setup for newcomers.

All in all, IQ Option offers the perfect service for newcomers in every aspect. Such a uniquely specialized high-quality service is rare. Especially since IQ Option also accepts government regulation and scores on high on security.

The ideal broker for experienced traders: Banc De Binary

IQ Option is great for newcomers, but experienced traders need a little more firepower. For this purpose, Banc De Binary is the ideal broker. Banc De Binary is one of the oldest and most respected binary options brokers and has improved its service continuously throughout the years. The result is a broker that offers a convincing trading environment in every single aspect.

Banc De Binary offers these advantages to experienced traders:

  1. A full selection of binary options types and assets.
  2. High payouts.
  3. High rewards for large accounts.
  4. A perfect service in every aspect, attention to every detail.
  5. First class security.

These advantages combine to create a uniquely profitable trading environment for professional traders. With Banc De Binary’s full selection of binary options types, experienced traders find the right tool to take advantage of every market environment. You can execute any type of binary options strategy, and you can maximize your payouts by trading every prediction with the binary options type that allows you to maximize your profit – ideal for experienced traders.

With Banc De Binary you can trade for as little as $1 per trade!

You can trade these binary options types on more than 190 assets, which is more than other brokers offer. With IQ Option, for example, you get a selection of less than half these assets, which is great for newcomers that can focus on the essentials.

Experienced traders, however, can use Banc De Binary to take advantage of every single opportunity, regardless of which asset you see this opportunity with. This variety is ideal for traders that already know how to access the entire market.

For each of its binary options types, Banc De Binary offers some of the highest payouts in the industry. These high payouts allow experienced traders to maximize their long-term profits and guarantee them a long, successful trading career.

Similarly, new customers that deposit the large amount of money one would expect from an experienced trader. For deposits of $5,000 or more, Banc De Binary offers these bonuses:

  • Daily market reviews and financial research,
  • Access to webinars twice a month,
  • Trading alerts and event analysis,
  • Direct line to your account manager,
  • Trading signals from trading central,
  • Bonus protected trades from account manager,
  • Introductory private session with an analyst,
  • Smart money management plan.

These bonuses target experienced traders. Instead of offering easy-to-advertise but ultimately useless financial bonuses. You get tools that support your long-term success, for example by shortening the line to your account manager, helping you to manage your money smartly, and finding trading opportunities for you.

Even in light of all of these great features, however, maybe the best thing about Banc De Binary is the broker’s attention to detail. Over the years, Banc De Binary remained committed to improving their service constantly, which is why every detail of their trading service is polished to perfection. You get all deposit methods possible, customer support in more than 10 languages, and a multilingual trading platform. Most other brokers show weaknesses in at least one of these areas.

All in all, Banc De Binary is the Mercedes of binary options trading. It is the high-quality, high-potential service that can help experienced traders to maximize their profits better than any other broker. Newcomers should stick with IQ Option because of the low entry requirements, but everybody else can maximize their profits with Banc De Binary.

The ideal binary options exchange for U.S. traders: Nadex

Legally, U.S. traders are only allowed to sign up with exchanges or brokers that are registered with the two institutions that regulate the United States financial markets, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the National Futures Association (NFA). So far, Nadex is one of the few binary options exchanges that has taken this step.

If you are from the United States, you can consider yourself lucky to have such a great exchange at your disposal. We suggest, you read more about Nadex in our Nadex review.

Signing up with a binary options broker

If you have found the right broker try to sign up. No deposits are anything is required – it is only a good way to experience how the broker works on your own.
Whether you are new to binary options or a seasoned veteran, you should now have a pretty good picture of which broker is right for you. We suggest you sign up with this broker now.

All sign-up processes are similar. You have to complete these three simple steps:

  1. Follow one of our links to the broker’s sign-up form.
  2. Fill out and send the sign-up form.
  3. Deposit money into your account.

Once you send the sign-up form, you have created an account. To start trading and activate your account, you obviously need to deposit money in this account. When depositing, please consider your broker’s minimum deposit requirements.

With 99.99 percent of all brokers, credit card deposits, debit card deposit, and deposits via online payment provider will be booked to your account immediately, which enables you to start trading within 5 minutes of starting the registration process.

This simple process can open the door to the binary options world for you.

Step 2: Outline your trading process

Once you have selected a broker, you can start trading. This means that it is time for you to take a look at our binary options strategy section and our section for robots and signals. While you should have at least a basic knowledge of both aspects, the aspect you should start with depends on how you want your life as a trader to be. There are two basic options:

  1. You can trade yourself, and
  2. You can automate all your trading or parts of your trading.

Option 1: You can trade yourself

There are a lot of good things to be said for trading yourself:

  • You remain in full control of your trading, which provides you with the peace of mind of always knowing what is happening with your money.
  • You feel the results of your trading first-hand, which allows you assess your results better, enabling you to invest more in the things that make you money and eliminate the things that do not, ultimately increasing your profits.
  • You get the satisfaction of making your money yourself, of earning your lifestyle, and of knowing that you yourself created your destiny.

These advantages make trading yourself the preferred choice of many traders. There are, however, also some negative aspects to managing your trading yourself:

  • You make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, but with financial investments, every mistake can cost you a lot of money.
  • You have to invest a lot of time. Financial analysis is not something you can do in 5 minutes a day.
  • You have to learn technical analysis. This can take years and involves rookie mistakes.

The first decision you have to make is whether the advantages of trading yourself outweigh the disadvantages or the other way around.

If your answer is that you do want to trade yourself, we encourage you to start by reading our binary options strategy section. Try to understand what types of strategies exist and which binary options strategy is right for you, which type of indicators you can use to create signals, and how your risk tolerance and need for excitement affect the binary options strategy you should choose. Learn about candlesticks, trends, and technical indicators, and you should be able to get a good start into your trading career.

Option 2: Automate a part of your trading

If you think that the disadvantages of trading yourself outweigh the advantages, you should start by reading about the best way to automate your trading. Take a look at our signals section and our robots section, decide which type of automation suits you best, and which robot or signal provider you want to sign up with and plan your binary options strategy.

Step 3: Keep learning and improving

With the first two steps in this list, you have started your career on the right foot. That, however, does not mean that you will have automatic success. If making money with binary options were automatic, everybody would do it, and every broker would be broke.

The key to enjoying a successful trading career is constant improvement. With, you have found the right tool to keep learning and making the adjustments that can take your trading to the next level and constantly improve your binary options strategy. Keep reading our articles, and you will soon be able to trade profitably over the long term.

Conclusion can be your guide to binary options success. We can be your helping hand on every step of the way, from finding the right broker to finding the right binary options strategy and the right way to automate your trading.

With these articles at your disposal, everything else is up to you. If you put in the time and follow the tips we offer, you will be able to enter the binary options world risk-free and keep improving your trading until you are successful. This is the blueprint, you only have to execute it. What more could you ask for?

Enjoy our site, and have a great time learning and becoming a better trader – and if you are just getting started; welcome to the wonderful world of binary options.

The Best Binary Options Brokers And Strategies
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