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binaryoptionrobotBinaryOptionRobot offers a unique business model, combining a free robot with reliable signals, easy handling, and plenty of tools to adjust the robot’s performance. This system has a number of distinct advantages that can make your life as a trader easier, especially if you are just starting your trading career.

In this article, we will detail these advantages by answering these questions:

  • What can BinaryOptionRobot do for me?
  • Which features does BinaryOptionRobot offer?
  • Why should I choose BinaryOptionRobot over all other brokers?
  • Should I get the BinaryOptionRobot VIP account?
  • How can I test BinaryOptionRobot risk-free?
  • How can I get started with BinaryOptionRobot?

With this information, you will be able to understand every aspect of BinaryOptionRobot’s business and use the robot to start your automated trading career.

How does BinaryOptionRobot work and what can it do for me?

BinaryOptionRobot is a service that allows you to automate your binary options trading. BinaryOptionRobot analyzes the financial market for you, finds profitable trading opportunities, and invests in binary options in your name to profit from these opportunities.

To perform this analysis, BinaryOptionRobot uses a tool called technical analysis. Technical analysis is the best way to predict future market movements for short-term assets such as binary options. Technical analysis focuses solely on past market movements, trying to find patterns that provide indications for what will happen next.

In many ways, technical analysis is like looking at a person’s body language. If somebody greets you with a bright smile, you predict a different interaction than if they were frowning and swinging a fist in the air. Technical analysis adapts the same basic analysis process to financial markets, which allows technical analysists to predict market movements in environments where no other tool would allow for predictions

Short time frames such as the time frames that you trade with binary options are mostly free from fundamental influences. Of course, there is the occasional news event that pushes markets up or down, but for the most part, there is no connection between how a company is doing and whether its stock price will rise or fall over the next hour. These time frames are influenced by random events and depend heavily on trader motivations that are impossible to predict. Only technical analysis can help traders to understand whether more traders are currently buying or selling, at which prices these traders are willing to buy and sell, and how these connections will influence future price movements.

Unfortunately, technical analysis can take years to master. During this learning period, traders will be unable to turn a profit and often lose money instead, which can ruin their trading career before it started. Additionally, technical analysis is a process that requires you to abandon all emotions and survey the market according to fixed rules much like a computer. Most traders find it difficult to think in this way.

BinaryOptionRobot solves both of these problems. BinaryOptionRobot can do your technical analysis for you and invest completely autonomously, without you having to move a finger. New traders can simply outsource their technical analysis and trade profitably from the start. They do not have to worry about thinking like a robot or about learning a trading style that can take years to master.

In this way, BinaryOptionRobot is a great tool that can help everybody to turn a profit with BinaryOptionRobot without having to put in a lot of work.

Features of BinaryOptionRobot

To help you understand the details of BinaryOptionRobot, let’s start by taking a look at the features of BinaryOptionRobot’s service. We will then show how you can use these features to improve your trading and maximize your profits.

Unbeatable pricing – it does not get better than free

Unbeatable pricing – it does not get better than free

Obviously, BinaryOptionRobot’s pricing is what stands out from the crowd. Where other robots charge you hundreds of Dollars for their service, BinaryOptionRobot has found a way to get you its service for free.

The free price tag does not mean that you get a worse service. BinaryOptionRobot has found a way to let your broker pay for your robot, which means that they have the same resources as any other robot, it just gets them from a different source.

When you sign up for BinaryOptionRobot, you also have to sign up for one of their partner brokers. These brokers pay BinaryOptionRobot money for the customer it delivered, and this money counts as your payment. Since you need a broker anyway, this deal is perfect for you.

BinaryOptionRobot’s partner brokers feature the best in the business. You can choose any of them confidently, as they all offer the right assets for BinaryOptionRobot, and all provide high payouts.

With this pricing model, BinaryOptionRobot makes getting a robot easy and completely risk-free. Especially new traders can profit from a free robot. Up to now, new traders had to master technical analysis to trade for enough money to get a robot, which made little sense. Why would you spend years learning something you do not want to use anyway?

With BinaryOptionRobot, new traders can skip right to the good part and use a robot from the start. Because they do not have to pay any money, they risk nothing and can leave the service at any time if they do not like it – an unbeatable offer.

Control your trading

BinaryOptionRobot allows you to control a big part of what the robot does. While you can outsource your entire trading process and forget about it for years, you can also come back from time to time and adjust BinaryOptionRobot to your preference.

BinaryOptionRobot provides these options to control your trading:

  • Stop loss: Stop trading after a number of lost trades. This feature is important for those traders who want to adjust their investment per trade to their overall account balance continually. Once BinaryOptionRobot reaches the predefined amount of lost money, it will stop trading automatically and wait for you to adjust your settings and give your okay to start trading again.
  • Reverse trading: Invest into the opposite direction of what BinaryOptionRobot predicts. When BinaryOptionRobot predicts rising prices, activating this feature means that you invest in falling prices. When BinaryOptionRobot predicts falling prices, activating this feature means that you invest in rising prices.
  • Define your investment per trade: Adjust your investment per trade. This setting defines how much BinaryOptionRobot will invest when it finds a new trading opportunity.

These settings allow you to adjust your robot to your financial needs. We generally recommend to set your investment per trade to about 2 to 3 percent of your overall account balance and to keep the value below 5 percent at all times.

Other than that, we recommend ignoring the two other options. The stop loss makes little sense because losing streaks are inevitable. The end to such a losing streak, however, is also inevitable. When you know that you win a certain percentage of your trades, canceling your trading after a few lost trades will cause you to miss out on the winning trades these losing trade necessarily would have created.

Similarly, the reverse trading is of limited usefulness. The first and foremost reason for this statement is that BinaryOptionRobot’s signals are good enough to make you money and reversing them would only hurt you. There is, however, also another reason: reversing trading signals is always a bad idea.

Think about it: binary options offer only two options as to what can happen – prices can rise, or prices can fall. This simple setup offers you a fifty-fifty chance. Even if you guessed what would happen next, you would win about half of your trades. Consequently, reversing signals can never do anything to help you. In the absolute worst case scenario, BinaryOptionRobot would win you 50 percent of your trades and reversing these signals would not improve your results.

Since BinaryOptionRobot does a lot to analyze the market, it is likely that the robot will win you more than 50 percent of your trades. This means, if your reverse signals, you will lose money. If BinaryOptionRobot would win your 70 percent of your trades, reversing the signals would reduce your winning percentage to 30 percent – hardly a smart move. Any other move would have similarly disastrous consequences.

Set you minimal investment with BinaryOptionRobot, but stay away from the two other settings.

22 languages

Traditionally, one of the downsides of robots was that they were mostly focusing on English speaking customers. With BinaryOptionRobot, however, things are different. Offering 22 available languages, every trader can find the right language for them.

When you deal with settings for your investments, it is important to understand everything you do. Having a robot available in your native language is an important step to error-free trading.

Customer support

BinaryOptionRobot offers 24-hour customer support via live chat. If you have a problem, you can always contact someone to help you.

Why should I choose BinaryOptionRobot above all other binary options robots?

As you can see from BinaryOptionRobot’s list of features, there are plenty of good reason for why you should choose BinaryOptionRobot over all other binary options robots. To help you understand whether BinaryOptionRobot is the ideal robot for you, we will now take a look at which brokers can profit the most from BinaryOptionRobot and how they can do it.

BinaryOptionRobot profiteers #1: Newcomers

BinaryOptionRobot profiteers #1: Newcomers

Traders that are new to the trading scene can profit from BinaryOptionRobot more than anybody else. These traders face mainly two problems:

  1. They have not yet developed their skills. Consequently, it is difficult for them to trade profitably. They are likely to make rookie mistakes, lose money, and maybe end their trading career before it started.
  2. They have a limited budget. While a robot could help newcomers to solve their problems with the technical analysis, most newcomers simply lack the money to afford such a robot. Even if they have barely enough, it would be much smarter to invest this money into their trading than into a robot.

BinaryOptionRobot can solve both of these dilemmas. BinaryOptionRobot provides newcomers with a robot that can perform the market analysis for them and enables them to get this robot for free.

For most newcomers, this is a dream come true. Instead of having to invest half of their money into a robot, they can now test the world of automated binary options trading for free and in the simplest way possible. If you are new to binary options, too, we highly recommend you take a good look at BinaryOptionRobot before you pay money for another robot.

BinaryOptionRobot profiteers #2: Risk-averse traders

Risk-averse traders face a dilemma similar to the dilemma of newcomers: they are very reluctant to invest a lot of money into a robot before they are 100 percent sure that the robot works for them. Since no robot can provide this guarantee before you actually buy and test it, risk-averse traders often stay away from robots in general and prefer to trade for themselves. This is unfortunate because they pass up on all the advantages of binary options robots simply because they are unable to enter the market on conditions acceptable to them.

BinaryOptionRobot can solve this dilemma. Since BinaryOptionRobot is free and offers a low-risk way to test its service (more on this later), there is no reason for risk-averse traders to avoid its service.

If you always wanted to try a binary options robot but were reluctant to invest money into it, BinaryOptionRobot could be the perfect way for you to enter the world of binary options robots, too.

BinaryOptionRobot profiteers #3: Fans of simplicity

BinaryOptionRobot profiteers #3: Fans of simplicity

Simplicity is one of the most overlooked advantages of trading with BinaryOptionRobot.

To understand this point, think of the difference between Microsoft Windows and an Apple product. Microsoft Windows wants to work with all hardware configurations, which is why it is often difficult to set up, crashes randomly, and needs a lot of attention. Apple products, on the other hand, are designed to run with a specific hardware configuration, which is why they are much simpler to use, much more stable, and much more intuitive to understand.

Most robots are like Windows. They want to work with all brokers, which is why they are difficult to set up and error prone. BinaryOptionRobot, on the other hand, works with a clearly defined selection of partner brokers and is just as reliable and easy to set up as an apple product. You can enable and disable trading with each partner broker by clicking a simple switch.

Fans of simplicity and people who have difficulty handling computers will profit from BinaryOptionRobot’s intuitive setup and easy usability.

BinaryOptionRobot profiteers #4: Traders who want to maximize their profit

BinaryOptionRobot has one advantage no trader can compete with: BinaryOptionRobot never gets tired.

Traders made of flesh and blood can only trade a limited time of the day. They have jobs to go to, family to spend with, and hobbies to keep up. These things are important to them and limit the time they can invest into trading. Additionally, human traders have a limited span of attention, and after a hard day at work and family trouble, they might be unable to put in more than a few minutes of high-quality trading.

BinaryOptionRobot, however, is free from these limitations. As a computer program, BinaryOptionRobot can monitor the market 24 hours a day without getting tired or reducing the quality of its trading. Additionally, BinaryOptionRobot can monitor multiple assets at the same time without being overwhelmed.

Because BinaryOptionRobot can trade all day with multiple assets, it is sure to encounter more trading opportunities than a trader that can only trade for a limited time and focus on one asset at a time only. This has one of two effects, depending on your strategy:

  1. If you are trading a strategy that can generate as many signals as BinaryOptionRobot, you have to trade signals of a lesser quality. Since you encounter fewer signals overall, picking the same number of signals to trade necessarily dictates that you have to use a few signals of a lesser quality. Trading signals of a lesser quality reduce the percentage of trades you win and your profit.
  2. If you are trading a strategy that generates signals of the same quality as BinaryOptionRobot, you create much fewer signals per day. Trading fewer signals per day reduces the number of trades you can win and your profit,

As you can see, there is no way to compensate for the significantly shorter trading time you can put in as a human trader compared to BinaryOptionRobot. Whatever you do, you end up with less money.

Because of this relationship, BinaryOptionRobot is a great tool for traders that want to maximize their profits. BinaryOptionRobot can help you to trade 24 hours a day and never miss a profitable trading opportunity – a great offer for all traders who want to make money without having to neglect their professional and private lives.

Should I get the BinaryOptionRobot VIP account?

Should I get the BinaryOptionRobot VIP account?

BinaryOptionRobot also offers a pro version. In line with their commitment to keeping their service free for their customers, they do not charge you money for their pro version. Instead, you can get the pro version for free by delivering customers to BinaryOptionRobot.

In your member’s area, you find a personalized link to the BinaryOptionRobot signup form. This link contains a unique ID that can identify the link as your own, and when someone registers with BinaryOptionRobot through this link, BinaryOptionRobot knows that you send this customer to them.

All you have to do to get the robot’s pro version is to send a few customers there way. You can do that by recommending BinaryOptionRobot to a few friends or by utilizing your blog or social media following. All you have to do is share your unique link and wait.

So getting the BinaryOptionRobot VIP account is easy. But is it worth it? Well, that depends. Here’s what BinaryOptionRobot can do for you:

  • Choose your risk level: The main feature of the VIP account is that it allows you to choose the signals you want your robot to trade from four separate classes of risk. You can trade only one risk level, all four of them, or all four combined. Theoretically, trading more risk levels should get you more trades but focusing on the safest risk level should win you a higher percentage of your trades.
  • Choose your strategy: The BinaryOptionRobot VIP account offers four available strategies, from the Wise Growth Strategy to High-Yield Systems. You can select which of these strategies you want to trade. Once again, you can select one strategy, all of them, or any combination you like.
  • Choose your expiry: Classically, binary options featured expiries from 5 minutes to a few hours. Recently, brokers also started to offer options with expiries of only 60 seconds and expiries that last days. Since some traders love these new expiries and some hate them, BinaryOptionRobot allows traders to decide for themselves whether they want their robot to trade them. You can select both options, one, or none.

Whether you should get the BinaryOptionRobot VIP account depends on whether any of these options is crucially important to you. All of these features can be a nice addition to your toolkit, but none of them will make the difference in whether you will win or lose money. BinaryOptionRobot’s basic trading algorithm stays the same, regardless of your setting, and it is this algorithm that determines whether you will make money or not.

We generally recommend taking the easier road. If you have a blog, a large online following, or a large circle of friends that are looking for a robot, you might as well recommend BinaryOptionRobot to your circle of influence and take the VIP account. If you lack these things, it might be smarter to stick with the basic version and focus your time and energy on improving your trading instead of creating an online following or a blog.

How can I test BinaryOptionRobot risk-free?

As with any financial investment, it pays to double-check whether BinaryOptionRobot is right for you. While the advantages of the robot speak for themselves, you still have to make sure that you can handle the robot well and that you feel comfortable with how things work.

To test BinaryOptionRobot risk-free, you have two basic possibilities:

Possibility 1: Paper trading

Paper trading, the classic way of testing robots, is completely risk-free. Here is what you have to do: BinaryOptionRobot publishes a record of all their past signals on their website. You take this record, calculate which percentage of your trades you would win with the robot, and then analyze whether this percentage is high enough for you to make money with your broker.

For example, let’s assume that you get an average payout of 70 percent with your broker. Since you already get your investment back on a winning trade, your total return on an average winning trade would be 170 percent or 1.7 times your investment.

Now you can make use of a mathematical trick: you divide 1 by the total return on an average winning trade, and you get the percentage of trades you need to win to break even. This trick works because to break even; you need to end up with an account balance greater than the account balance you started with. The 1 in this equation is the factor that connects both account balances – your final account balance would be 1 times as high as your original account balance.

In our example with a total return of 1.7, you would need win 0.588 times of all your trades or 58.8 percent. Any value higher than 58.8 percent would make you money, and any value lower would lose you money. To trade successfully, you should probably estimate a minimum winning percentage of 60 percent.

With this winning percentage in mind, you can take a look at BinaryOptionRobot’s past results. Calculate the percentage of trades they have won in the past and compare this number to the minimum requirement you got from your broker. If it is larger, you know that you can make money by trading with BinaryOptionRobot and that it would be smart for you to sign up with BinaryOptionRobot.

Possibility 2: Low-investment trading

This way of testing BinaryOptionRobot is not completely risk-free, but it can greatly reduce your risk when you first start out. It should be your second step after having done the paper trading test.

To perform this test, register with BinaryOptionRobot and one of their partner brokers. In the process, you will be able to get a deposit bonus. This bonus is free money, which provides you with the perfect opportunity to test BinaryOptionRobot under real trading conditions. Set BinaryOptionRobot to trade with the minimum investment and the stop loss to the size of your free binary option bonus. No activate the robot.

With this test, you will soon now whether this robot can make you money with the broker you selected. While you risk some money with this test, this is money you would not have if it weren’t for BinaryOptionRobot. If you are dissatisfied with the results of your test, you can withdraw your original investment, keep trading with the broker, or try a different robot. Either, you have not lost anything.

The important part of this way of testing is to keep your investment per trade as small as possible. The size of your investment only influences the size of your return but is unimportant to whether you make a profit or a not. Consequently, you should make this all-important discovery with the smallest investment possible. If things work out, you can always increase your investment later on.

How to get started with BinaryOptionRobot

How to get started with BinaryOptionRobot

If you want to try the robot for yourself, you are in luck: compared to most other robots, BinaryOptionRobot’s sign up process is quick and easy. Other robots want to be compatible with all broker, which means that they require endless setups and often extra attention for every single case – much like Windows. BinaryOptionRobot, however, has defined the brokers they work with and perfected the setup process, which makes things a lot easier for you – much like Apple.

The BinaryOptionRobot sign up process requires only 3 simple steps:

1) Submit the short registration form on BinaryOptionRobot’s website. This form only requires very basic information from you, such as your name, email, and currency.

2) Sign up with one of BinaryOptionRobot’s partner brokers. This broker will pay your registration fee with BinaryOptionRobot. The entire process is as easy as possible, as you only need to click “open account” next to the name of the broker in the member’s area.

3) Deposit money with your broker of choice. Obviously, you need money in your account to start trading. BinaryOptionRobot provides you with another simple form for this purpose.

You can complete the entire registration process within 5 minutes, and you do not have to leave BinaryOptionRobot’s website.

After you have set up your account, you can access the detailed settings we talked about earlier by clicking “more settings” next to your broker’s name. BinaryOptionRobot allows you to define different settings for each broker, thereby enabling you to execute multiple strategies simultaneously or tailor each strategy to the respective broker.

That’s it. With these simple steps, you can start trading with this robot.


BinaryOptionRobot comes at an unbeatable price, but it offers all the features of a high-priced broker and more. Setting up your robot and managing your trading is as simple as possible, and due to the close partnerships with the available brokers, you will never encounter technical difficulties. Especially new traders can hardly find an easier robot to start with than BinaryOptionRobot.

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