24option 2017

24optionRating 4.5/5
  • Return up to:88%
  • Min. Invest:$24
  • Min. Deposit:$250
  • Demo Account:Yes
  • Livechat:Yes

DISCLAIMER AND IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT 24OPTION! Binary options involves risk and you can loose all your invested capital. Payout rates are all based on the assumption you make a successful trade.

24option is one of the largest binary broker in the world. With a unique combination of a user-friendly trading platform, a demo account and free education center that allows investors to expand their investment journey. In this review, we discuss 24option’s features and find out whether 24option is the right broker for you.

In detail, we will answer these questions:

Why should I choose 24option over all other brokers?
Which additional features does 24option offer?
Who is 24option?
How can I get started with 24option?

With the answers to these questions, you will know whether 24option is the right broker for you, and you will be able to start your trading career with 24option within a few minutes.

Why should I choose 24option over all other brokers?

There are hundreds of binary options brokers out there. You can sign up with any of them. With this wealth of options, the main question any binary options trader will ask itself is why they should pick 24option over all the other binary options brokers out there? Is there something unique about 24option that makes the broker stand out from the crowd?

Well, there are a number of unique things about 24option. Offering features that are impossible to find with many other brokers, 24option provides five compelling reasons for why you should choose them over their competitors. Let’s take a closer look at each of these reasons, and let’s see how you can profit from 24option.

1. Market prices and no hidden fees

One of the most significant features of 24option is their pricing system. While many other platforms use their own version of the market price, 24option uses athe prices through their liquidity provider.

This has another feature: every underlying asset has two prices at any given time. For stocks, for example, there is one price for which your broker is willing to sell the stock to you (bid) and one price for which it is willing to buy the stock from you (ask). Of course, the ask price is always slightly higher than the bid price – this is how a stock broker makes money.

As a binary options trader, you have to make sure that you know which price you get in advance. Illegitimate brokers might try to cheat you by using the price that is worse for you, which would mean that they are cheating you. You would lose some trades that you would have won otherwise.

With 24option, there is no such trickery. The price you get is the average of ask and bid at any time, providing you with the secure trading experience that you need to explore your options.

2. 24Option limits

24option offers its traders the industry’s highest limits per trade, starting with a minimum deposit of 250 and the higher deposited amount depends on the chosen trading account type.

For traders that like to invest big, 24option’s high limit allows them to maximize their trading potential. This is an invaluable asset when you want to explore your options.

For risk-averse traders or traders with a smaller balance, the higher limit leaves them with enough room to expand their investment once their bankroll improves.

Investors should have in mind that trading binary options may lead to full capital loss.

3. Possible High payout

With 24option, you can make up to 88% payout per successful trade. For example, if you invest €100 and your prediction is correct you will earn up to € 88 profit with this trade. But if your prediction is wrong your invested capital of 100 will be lost.

Your success as a trader largely depends on the payout you get with every winning trade. Getting a higher payout is the simplest way to improve your profits without having to improve your trading. But on the other hand if your prediction is wrong your invested capital will be lost.

At this point, it is important to understand that binary options allow investors to speculate the price movement of their underlying assets. Binary Options are different from other financial instruments because they have a fixed payoff at their expiration. This means that the traders know from the beginning the amount they may earn or lose.

With 24option, you will find some conditions to expand your knowledge. All you have to do is to open an account with 24Option, fully verify it and place your trades on your preferred underlying assets.

4. Trade wherever, whenever!
24option offers two trading platforms: a web-based trading platform that you can open from any device with internet access and a mobile trading app for Android and Apple iOS devices.

With this combination, you can trade from wherever you are and whenever you want. The web-based trading platform allows you to use your computer at work or the PC in the library to make a quick trade whenever you want, the mobile trading app allows you to trade while you are stuck in traffic, waiting for your girlfriend, or out in the woods camping.

With their apps and their web-based trading platform, 24option enables you to place your trades with an internet connection wherever you are.

5. Video Center
If you are still looking to improve your trading knowledge, 24option offers hours of videos on binary options in their own video library. Trading tips, portfolio management, and a tour of the 24option platform!


Which additional features does 24option offer?

In addition to the five unique features that we analyzed so far, 24option offers even more additional features. Let’s analyze the features.

Mobile trading apps for Android and Apple devices
24option offers mobile trading apps for Android and Apple devices. With these apps, you get the same trading experience as with the web-based trading platform, you get the same assets and the same binary options types. The advantage of the mobile trading apps is that you can trade from wherever you are at any time you want.

Whether you are stuck in traffic, enjoying a weekend out in nature, or waiting in line, as long as you have a signal on your mobile device, the 24option app enables you to turn every downtime into a trading opportunity.

The apps for Android and Apple devices are almost identical. They both share the same intuitive handling and the easily understandable user interface. Anybody who can handle a mobile device will have no problem with 24option’s mobile apps.

If mobility is important to you, 24option’s apps are a gift from heaven. They allow you easily to tailor your trading to your daily routine by turning time you would waste otherwise into trading time. Consequently, you can avoid having to sacrifice hobbies or family time. Instead of trying a new mobile game, you can try the 24option app and trade your way to financial independence. This is a tool you should use.

High profile partners
Are you worried about finding a trustworthy binary options broker? There is an easy trick that can save you a lot of the time that you would have to invest in checking brokers. This trick is taking a look at the broker’s partners.

When a broker has high-profile partners, you know that these partners’ lawyers have checked the broker thoroughly before they recommended that their client should partner with the broker. Stars, professional athletes, and other high-profile partners simply could not afford the negative publicity that comes with promoting an illegitimate business.

24option has a well-known partner which is Football giant Juventus.

This partner has its own army of agents, attorneys, and consultants who have looked at each other carefully before giving their OK to the partnership. That all of them have classified as a popular provider. This knowledge allows you to make a better and quicker decision than you could ever as a non-expert.

Regulated by CySEC

If high-profile partners are not enough to convince you of 24option’s regulation, the broker has another convincing argument for you: 24option is regulated is a CySEC regulated broker operating under license number 207/13 and registered by a number of institutions. 24option takes measures to safeguard Clients’ Funds. In this sense, the Company cooperates only with banks authorized and regulated by EU member states and that are highly rated by credit rating agencies. In addition, as per the Company’s regulatory requirements, the Company deposits Clients’ Funds in segregated bank accounts

Who is 24option?

Who is 24option?

24option is a leading binary options platform. One of the main goals of 24option is to give its traders the tools and strategies that they need to expand their investment journey. This goal has been achieved by offering a wide variety of underlying assets that you can trade binary options.

24option has built a platform designed to educate its traders. Whether you trade using the High/Low option or 24option’s new 60 second options you can maximize your knowledge.

Why are binary options so popular? Binary options are popular because you aren’t purchasing the asset; rather you are investing in your prediction about that underlying asset’s market price. So you can invest as much or as little as you would like, you control your risk. Binary options are also popular because you know exactly how much you can earn or lose before you invest, so there are no hidden surprises.

The minimum and maximum amount that a trader can earn depend on the chosen account type.

The minimum deposit of $250 allows you to open an account with very little cash, which is a great feature for new binary options traders.

With possible payouts of up to 88 percent per successful trade. But if your prediction is wrong you will lose your invested capital. 24option’s diverse selection of underlying assets means that you can invest in an underlying asset that you know and understand.

The trading platform of relies on the latest technology. With market data provided by their liquidity provider.

24option offers a large selection of underlying assets such as Apple or Google, NASDAQ or oil. You can choose to trade binary options on currencies, commodities, stocks and indices. In every category, you find underlying assets from all over the world and all fields of industry.

How can I get started with 24option?

If 24option is the right broker for you, you can open an account in three simple steps. All you have to do is:

  1. Follow one of our links to the 24option website. It will take you to the signup form.
  2. Fill out the signup form and click send. Once you have completed this step, you have an account.
  3. Fully verify your trading account
  4. Deposit money into your account. To start trading, you need money. Deposit money into your account, and you can make your first trade.”

That’s it. With these three simple steps, you can become a part of the binary options world.

When depositing money, there is one thing you should know. Deposits via credit card or online payment provider will be booked to your account immediately. Choose one of these deposit methods over wire transfer, and you can start your trading career within the next few minutes.


24option is one of the best binary options brokers that the market has to offer. Combining first-class regulation and promoted partners with a variety of underlying assets, you get the best of what makes a binary options broker attractive – regulation and user-friendly trading platform.

To get started with 24option, follow one of our links and complete the signup process. When you deposit money via credit card or online payment provider, your first trade can be only a few minutes away. Investors can lose all their capital by trading binary options.

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