24option Account Types

24option Account Types - logoTo offer every trader the perfect service, 24option offers three different account types that target three very different customer types. Find the ideal 24option account types for you here!

Which 24option account types are available?

24option offers three different account types. These are:

Standard account

The standard account is 24option’s entry level account. With the standard account, you receive access to all binary option types and assets of 24option. That means, you can combine high / low options, boundary options, touch options, and 24option’s exclusive high yield options with stock, indices, commodities, and currencies. Additionally, your account will be commission free and you can access 24option’s 24-hour customer service.

With this offer, 24option is on level with the entry account types of most of its competitors. A plus is the unrestricted access to 24option’s 24 hour customer service. Some competitors try to limit entry level accounts access to customer service.

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Gold account

Compared to the standard account, the gold account is an upgrade. The gold account offers all the basic features – all assets and binary options types, no commissions, and unlimited access to customer service – but additionally provides a free personal training session with one of 24option’s expert traders and an extra 2% return on all trade gold members make.

At first, this might seem like a small improvement, but an extra 2% on every trade is huge. To understand how huge, remember the power of compound interest.

Over one trade, 2% more or less does not make a big difference. Over 20 trades, however, a difference of 2% on every single trade amounts to a 49% difference. Over 35 trades, this increases even to 100 percent. This means, that when you place five trades per day, a low average, your account balance after seven trading days will be twice as high with the gold account as with standard account, and this without you trading any differently. In short: Having the gold account is huge.

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Platinum account

24option’s platinum account improves the gold account even further by providing you with a personal coach you can contact any time and an extra 4% percent return on every trade you make. While the personal coach is a great learning the tool, the extra 4% return on every trade is almost unbelievable. Compared to the standard account, you will now double your account balance every 18 trades.

24option Account Types
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