24option Account Types


DISCLAIMER AND IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT 24OPTION! Binary options involves risk and you can loose all your invested capital. Payout rates are all based on the assumption you make a successful trade.

To offer every trader the perfect service, 24option offers three different account types that target three very different customer types. Find the ideal 24option account types for you here!

Which 24option account types are available?

24option offers three different account types. These are:

Standard account

The standard account is 24option’s entry level account. With the standard account, you receive access to all binary option types and underlying assets of 24option. That means, you can trade binary options on high/low, short-term and 100% payout. Additionally, there are no hidden fees in your account and you can access 24option’s 24-hour customer service.

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Note: Investors can loose all their capital

Gold account

Compared to the standard account, the gold account is an upgrade. The gold account offers all the basic features – all underlying assets and binary options types, no commissions, and unlimited access to customer service – but additionally, provides a free personal training session with one of 24option’s account manager and an extra 2% return on successful trades.


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Platinum account

24option’s platinum account improves the gold account even further by providing you with a personal account manager you can contact any time and an extra 4% percent return on successful trades. While the personal account manager is a great learning the tool, the extra 4% return on successful trades is almost unbelievable.

Trading binary options involves substantial risk and may lead to loss of all invested capital.

24option Account Types
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