24option High Yield Options

24option High Yield Options - logoTo provide every trader with the asset that fits his trading style perfectly, 24option offers all of its assets as normal and special high yield asset. Compared to the normal asset, the 24option high yield options offer higher payouts but also include a higher risk.

How to trade 24option high yield options

For high / low options, the high yield option of the asset is called above / below. To select an above / below option, select high / low options from the top asset select menu. Now, another menu will open below the top menu. In this menu, you can select normal high / low options and above / below options.

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With one touch options, high yield options are simply called high yield touch. You can select them the same way as above / below options: Click one touch in the top menu, and select high yield from the menu that opens below the top menu.

The process for boundary options is similar to the process for one touch options and high / low options. In general, high yield options offer more possibility but also contain more risk. Whether high yield options are right for you largely depends on your personality and your trading strategy. When you switch to trading high / yield options, you will win more with each winning trade, but you will win less trades. This shift the psychological aspect of binary option trading fundamentally.

Compared to normal binary options, which offer a payout of 70% to 80% and allow for a winning percentage of roughly 70% (depending on your strategy and skill), 24option’s high yield binary options provide more possibility but less certainty.

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Most traders either cannot cope with the idea of losing most of their trades or find the prospect of higher returns exciting. Depending on how you feel about this relationship, you should stick with normal binary options if you want to win many of your trades or switch to high yield options if you want to have higher return rates.

Making the wrong choice can potentially ruin you. When you ask a trader that wants high returns with every winning trades to invest in normal binary options, he will get bored and make mistakes. Over time, these mistakes will cost him a lot of money. Similarly, when you ask a trader that wants to win a lot of his trades to invest in high yield options, he will be scared and insecure. This, too, will lead to mistakes and cost this trader a lot of money.