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24option Meta Trader - logo24option is the world’s first address for binary option trading. Combining this prolific broker with Meta Trader, the world’s best trading software, is possible, but complicated. To make things easier, here are the top alternatives you can use to get the same result with less effort.

Alternatives to trading with 24option Meta Trader

If this sounds too complicated to you, you can try an alternative approach that will get you similar results with less effort.

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Those options are:

Use a binary option auto trader / bot

If you want to use Meta Trader primarily for its auto trading function, you might find a good replacement by using an auto trader (some people call them bots) specifically designed for binary options.

Those auto traders run on a server and execute their signals automatically in your binary option account with 24option. There are auto traders for every asset type and time frame. Whatever your preference may be, you can always find the right auto trader for you. To make things a little easier for you, we created an overview of what to watch for in an auto trader and pre-selected the best providers.

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Use 24option’s education center

If you want to use Meta Trader primarily to generate automated signals, 24option’s education center might be a good alternative for you. Under the point Binary Options, Daily Global Market Report, 24option publishes a daily update of signals you can trade.

24option’s signals show you exactly why you should invest in an asset, how you should invest, and when. This way, they combine practical trading advice with theoretical education. A great offer, and complete free to use.

Use a signal providers

Similarly to 24option‘s free service, you can also pay a signal provider service to generate signals for you. You might have to invest a little money per month to subscribe to these providers, but they will deliver more signals than 24option’s free service. This way, you can easily earn the invested money back.

Signal providers are plenty and all work the same way: They use technical analysis – either executed by a bot, their trading experts, or, in most cases, by both – to generate trading signals.

Depending on your preference, you will receive these signals via email, text message, or browser alert. Every signal contains the asset, the expiration, and the direction you should invest in. Once you receive a signal, you simply need to execute the instructions given.

We have written quite extensively on signals providers. To know which one to choose, read our review, or choose from our list of pre-selected signal providers.

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