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24option News - logo24option is not just a binary option broker, it also provides its customers with the most up-to-date 24option news about the financial markets and how to make good investments. To profit from 24option’s great services, you just need to know where to find them.

How to use the 24option news

There are two primary sources of 24option news, which you can get on their website. Those are:

Daily global market report

24option publishes a daily global market report that alerts traders to good trading opportunities throughout the day. If you are still struggling with technical analysis, 24option’s daily global market report might be exactly the tool you need to find good trading opportunities.

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To access 24option’s daily global market report, click on the “Guide” menu point in the menu to the top right on 24option’s website. Then select “Daily Global Market Report” from the menu on the left.

The daily global market report will now list a number of price charts with technical indicators drawn into and the conclusion that 24option’s analyst draw from the charts. You might see a EUR/USD 15 minute chart, for example, with a Relative Strength Index (RSI), Bollinger Bands, and a few support and resistance levels drawn into it.

Based on this chart, 24option’s experts could predict that you have a 60 minute window where you can expect falling prices. Depending on the strategy you prefer, you can use this 60 minute window to invest in many shorter binary options, which would be the riskier approach, or in a single longer binary options, which would be the safe approach.

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Binary options daily

In addition to the daily global market report, 24option publishes a binary options daily that keeps you up to date with the newest market developments. You can find the binary options daily in the “Guide” section of 24option’s website in same menu as the daily global market report.

First, the binary options daily will list all significant events that could influence the market today. It will list the exact time this influence could happen, and which asset it will affect. In the last two columns of the table, 24option list the previous value and the new value the market is expecting. After the 24option news are published, you can use both values to predict whether the market will rise or fall.

Should an indicator for unemployment be expected to fall from 5.00M to 4.95M but only fall to 4.98M, you know that this is less than the market expected. Therefore, you can correctly predict that the index for this country is likely to fall. Without the information given by 24option, you might assume that a declining unemployment is good sign and invest in the wrong direction.

24option News
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