24option One Touch

24option One Touch - logoOne touch options are the binary option type with the highest payouts. With 24option one touch, you can trade one touch options with a high winning percentage, too.

How can I trade the 24option One Touch options?

24option offers traders the perfect opportunity to trade one touch options. You can trade one touch options by using 24option’s online trading platform or their mobile app.

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To trade a one touch option, simple select one touch options from the top menu of the app or the top left menu of the online trading platform. Then choose your asset from the menu you below. In both the app and the online trading platform, the target price is displayed right next to the asset and the payout.

Next to the target price, you can choose the expiration time. A clock ticking down indicates who much time is left until the option you chose will expire. Select the settings you want to use for your binary option, enter the amount you want to invest, and that’s it. Investing in one touch options with 24option is quick, fun, and easy.

If an asset is currently not traded, all values regarding the asset will be hidden. Instead, the platform will display a gray text letting you know when trading will resume.

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Additional features of one touch options with 24option

To match every trader’s personality, 24option offers two types of one touch options: Normal one touch options with a relatively close target price and a payout of 70-80%, and high yield one touch options with a target price further from the current market price and a significantly higher payout.

Which one touch option is right for you depends on your strategy. Conservative traders should stick with normal one touch options, while trader who are willing to take more risk should consider high yield one touch options.

One great additional feature of 24option is that they automatically provide a trader with the newest news regarding the asset he is currently looking at. Most other brokers do not do that. They know that a trader’s lack of information is in their advantage.

Therefore, you have to collect your trading information by hand, which requires a lot of time and effort, and distracts you from more important parts of your trading process. With 24option, things are different. By clicking the “I” button in the app or online platform, you can automatically access all important trading information in one place.