24option Review

24option Review - logoIn this 24option review we will give you the headlines of what you need to know about this binary options broker before choosing to sign up with them.

But first of we can let you know that 24option is a reliable, government regulated binary option broker that offers many unique features that make its service stand out from the competition.

The 24option review

24option offers many great services that help traders be more successful.

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Large selections of assets and option types

24option offers four different binary option types: High / low options, one touch options, boundary options, and 60 seconds options. For most traders this is the ideal combination of assets to be successful.In combination with these option types, 24option allows you to invest four asset types: Stocks, indices, currencies, and commodities. For every asset type, you can find assets from all over the world and from every time zone. Regardless of where you live and when you trade, with 24option you can always find the right asset to invest in.

High payouts

For all asset types offered, 24option provides very high payouts. High / low options, for example, regularly offer payouts of up to 85%, which is better than most competitors.

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Free demo account

Not all brokers offer this absolutely necessary feature. Once you deposited the minimum amount of $200 in your account, you can access 24option’s demo account, where you can trade for free and without risk.

While 24option’s website is clearly structured, by the information given there, it is somewhat hard to tell whether 24option offers a demo account or not. Rest assured, though, that after opening and funding an account with 24option, you will be able to access your demo account.

Trading alerts

24option offers you trading alerts that will automatically alert you to good trading opportunities. Especially new traders can use this feature to make successful investments despite their still limited understanding of financial markets.

Customer support

While many brokers limit you to one, English speaking support possibility, often even an online chart or email, 24option offers you 10 international support number, a live chat, and support via fax. Especially if English is not your primary language, this is a God-given gift that can save your trading career.


One great plus of 24option is the many languages you can use their service in: English, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Indonesian, Arabic, Romanian, Portuguese, German, Danish, Korean, Latvian, Russian, Swedish and Chinese.

Low minimum deposit

To open an account with 24option, you need to deposit at least $200, using either wire transfer, credit card, or Skrill. For a single trade, you can invest from a minimum of $25 to a maximum of $3,000.


We hope you got what you needed from this 24option review. If you feel like you need more in-depth information we urge you to read out complete 24option review here.