anyoption Account Types

anyoption Account Types - logoDo you think that most binary options brokers use too complicated account models? Then anyoption is perfect for you. The anyoption account types are so easy to understand. In this article we tell you everything you need to know.

Which anyoption account types are there?

Many binary options brokers use intentionally confusing account models with sometimes up to as many as 7 different account types. anyoption makes things easier for you. anyoption uses only 2 account types, a standard and a VIP account.

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The standard anyoption account comes at a minimum deposit of $200. This is perfect for beginners who wish to improve as traders. It is also perfect for intermediate traders who want to test the anyoption platform and the site’s general features.

It is important to realize that the minimum deposit with anyoption is only $100, while the standard account starts at $200. Therefore, you should strongly consider to deposit at least $200 into your account. Otherwise you will not receive the benefits of an account type. Make sure you do not waste this chance – it means a lot of added extras for no cost.

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The VIP account starts with deposits of $5,000 and above. The additional exclusive features which come with this account need to be discussed with an anyoption representative. Your extra features depend on your needs and the amount of money you deposit. Depositing $10,000 gets you into a better negotiating position than depositing $5,000.

We like that anyoption gives their customers a chance to use their negotiating skills instead of forcing them into a predefined account system. With this model, you will not be receiving any bonuses you do not need while you miss out on those you need most. You can tailor your account according to your preference. This is a unique and valuable approach to trading.