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anyoption Review - logoDo you want the most innovative binary option types combined with easy banking? Then anyoption is ideal for you. Learn more from this anyoption review.

The quick anyoption review

Here are the main facts you should know about anyoption:

anyoption offers binary option types you can’t find anywhere else

anyoption’s offers a unique selection of binary option types that no other broker can quite match.

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Combining standard types such as high / low options with brand new types such as binary 0-100, anyoption offers the right binary options type for everyone:

  • High / low options: Predict whether an asset’s price will rise or fall over a given period of time.
  • Option+: A variation of high / low options that allows you to sell your option at any time you want.
  • Binary 0-100: A completely new way of trading binary options, binary 0-100 offers you two payouts between 0 and 100 for a number of different events, for example that the market will reach a certain price level. For each event, you can predict that this event will occur or not, and you will receive the payout that goes with it. If you lose your trade, you risk the 100 – the payout you would have received.
  • One touch options: Predict whether the market can reach a certain price level before your option expires or not.
  • Special: Invest in special predictions regarding Bitcoin vs. the US Dollar or the Euro vs. the US Dollar.
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With anyoption, banking is quick and easy

To fund your account with anyoption, you can use credit card / debit card, wire transfer, and Moneybookers (Skrill). Deposits by credit card / debit card and Moneybookers (Skrill) are booked to your account immediately. The minimum deposit for any payment method is only $100.

With this system you can quickly and easily fund your account. When you recognize a good trading opportunity and want a little extra money to take full advantage of it, you can also quickly deposit some money into your account, place the trade and reap the full rewards.

anyoption provides a helpful info center

Especially new trades can use any help they can get to master binary options trading. For this purpose, anyoption offers an info center that provides helpful articles on the basics of binary options trading. The articles focus mostly on mastering the fundamental concepts of binary options trading, technical analysis, and anyoption’s trading platform.