Banc De Binary Account Types

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Banc De Binary Account Types - logoDo you what to know which Banc De Binary account types you can choose from? We have the answer for you.

To provide the perfect service for each customer type, Banc De Binary offers four different account types. This article goes through the details of each one of them. Find out which one is right for you.

The 4 Banc De Binary account types

The 4 different Banc De Binary account types are:

Micro Silver Account

The Micro Silver Account is Banc De Binary entry level account type. It is targeted towards beginners that are just getting started and starts from an account balance of $250 to $5,000. The Micro Silver Account enables you to use all the basic features you need to become a successful trader:

  • Full range of over 200 tradable assets,
  • Suite of trading platforms,
  • Customer service,
  • Daily market reviews, research and radio market analysis.
With Banc De Binary you can trade for as little as $1 per trade!

Standard Gold Account

Even as a beginner, you should try to get at least the Standard Gold Account by depositing $5,001 to $35,000 in your account. Compared to the Micro Silver Account, the Standard Gold Account provides you with the same basic features, but also guarantees your a 100% welcome bonus.

This welcome bonus is huge. When you deposit $10,000 in your account, Banc De Binary will give you another $10,000 as a free gift. And the great thing is: This offer is not limited. The more you deposit, the more you will get. When have you ever earned money that easily?

For most newcomers, the Standard Gold Account is where they will spend most of their trading time until they can move up to higher accounts. We recommend you get to the Standard Gold Account right from the start and take the free money it guarantees you.

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Personal Account Manager Reserved Account

The Personal Account Manager Reserved Account is where things get interesting. It ranges from an account balance of $35,001 to $50,000.

While the Personal Account Manager Reserved Account guarantees you all the features of the Standard Gold Account, including the 100% welcome bonus, it provides you with a number of interesting additional features that make the account attractive for any kind of trader:

  • Direct access to your personal Account Manager through phone, chat and email,
  • Access to Banc De Binary’s financial analysts,
  • Trading signals,
  • Trading education classes,
  • Priority access to customer service.

Banc De Binary Premium Account

With an account balance of more than $50,001 you have reached Banc De Binary highest account level, the Banc De Binary Premium Account. While guaranteeing the same features as the Personal Account Manager Reserved Account, the Banc De Binary Premium Account provides you with even two more features:

  • First access to all option contracts
  • No liquidity issues