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STOP - Banc De Binary is closed!

Banc De Binary is no longer available. Banc De Binary is closed since January 9, 2017. Main reason was due to bad press coverage.

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Banc De Binary Legit - logoWhen considering signing up with this broker the first question on your mind should be: Is Banc De Binary legit?

Banc De Binary is a legit business that goes through great length to offer a secure and trustworthy service. In this article we give you a thorough look into exactly why Banc De Binary is – no doubt – a legit business. 

Is Banc De Binary Legit

Some people like to question the legitimacy of binary options brokers such as Banc De Binary. Almost exclusively, those accusations are built on uninformed generalizations and prejudice. When analyzing Banc De Binary’s business model, there is plenty of proof that they are legitimate business and do their best to provide a secure service to its customers.

Banc De Binary uses several service to make sure your money is safe at any time.

With Banc De Binary you can trade for as little as $1 per trade!


Banc De Binary has obtained the EV SSL verification. SSL is the web protocol used to transmit secure, encrypted data. The EV SSL seal is proof that Banc De Binary transmits data securely, and that nobody can intercept the information you are transmitting from your computer to Banc De Binary and vice versa.


MaxMind is a service that provides IP geolocation and online fraud prevention. Banc De Binary uses MaxMind to make sure that only you are logging into your account and nobody else.


With WorldCheck, Banc De Binary can check that none of its customers have previously committed financial crimes. WorldCheck eliminates the risk of Banc De Binary becoming the target of financial fraud, which guarantees the safety of your money.

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PCI secures the safety of all your transactions to and from Banc De Binary. With PCI, your deposits and withdrawals are safe and cannot be intercepted.

In addition to these services, Banc De Binary uses a detailed verification process for new customers. By requesting color copies of a government issued photo I.D., a proof of residence, and your credit card, Banc De Binary ensures that only real people can sign up for their service. This approach further guarantees the security of your money.

The combination of all these security methods proves that Banc De Binary is a legit business. While some online services only want your money, Banc De Binary has shunned no costs to keep your investment safe. They are a legitimate business and deserve to be trusted.