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The BossCapital affiliate program is not only rewarding, it also opens the door to much more.

How to become a BossCapital affiliate

An affiliate program is a simple system: You refer a customer to a company, and the company rewards you in return. Often, you can get good money and more for every customer you refer. Especially for people with an existing audience, be it from a blog, a large social media following, or a wide circle of friends, this is an interesting system.

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In return for providing a reader, follower, or friend with a way to make money and gain financial independence, you get a money reward. There are only winners in this equation. You get your own link with your own ID, and as soon as your friends sign up for BossCapital via this link, you get paid.

While this system sounds easy and straight forward, there are a few technical quirks to consider: How does your broker know which customer you referred to him? What happens if you refer someone who leaves the site at first, but returns later to sign up after all? If your broker does not track your referrals well, you might refer many new customers without getting paid.

To avoid these problems, BossCapital uses a professional service that makes sure you get the money you deserve. This service is called RushBucks.

RushBucks is the Affiliate program for BossCapital, and this program tracks your referrals to BossCapital and pays you.

Using RushBucks has two huge advantages for you:

1. High rewards

While other affiliate programs often pay you as little as $50 or $100 per customer, RushBucks increases this rewards significantly:

  • If you refer less than 30 customers via RushBucks, you will get a reward of $175 per referral.
  • If you refer 30 to 60 customers via RushBucks, you will get a reward of $200 per referral.
  • If you refer 60 to 90 customers via RushBucks, you will get a reward of $270 per referral.
  • If you refer more than 91 customers via RushBucks, you will get a reward of $350 per referral.

2. Many supported brokers

As you can see, referring more customers will get you higher rewards. When referring customers to only one binary option broker, it is hard to climb the ranks. With RushBucks, however, you can refer customers to 4 major binary option brokers:

These 4 major brokers all use the same affiliate program. By combing your referrals to all four of these brokers, you can climb the ranks quicker and also offer you friends, readers, and followers better, tailor-made referrals – you can refer each of them to the broker that is individually right for them.

Are you ready to become a BossCapital affiliate?