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While withdrawing money from BossCapital is a quick and easy process, there are a couple things to watch for. Learn about the BossCapital withdrawal methods here.

Things to know about BossCapital Withdrawal procedures

Generally, withdrawals with BossCapital are simple, quick, and easy. You can, however, make the BossCapital withdrawal process significantly easier by watching for these details:

1. Your account types influences the speed of your withdrawals

Traders with a higher account type get faster withdrawals.

The standard account will get you one free withdrawal per calendar month. A $30 fee applies to additional withdrawals within the same month. For beginners, this is easily enough. More experienced traders will have higher account types with more withdrawals per month.

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The executive account also allows you one free withdrawal per calendar month, but gives your withdrawals a higher priority. A $30 fee applies to additional withdrawals within the same month.

The gold account allows for one free withdrawal per calendar month, which is handled within the same day. So far, the limited withdrawals are of little consequence. Up to the gold account, you would have too little money to make more than withdrawal per month anyway.

With the Platinum account, things change: Now, every withdrawal is free and processed within the same day. This is a necessary step, since reaching the platinum account requires a higher account balance and therefore gets you into the position to make multiple withdrawals per month.

Since the platinum account already provides you with perfect withdrawal conditions, the VIP account has little to improve on. Every withdrawal is still free and processed same day.

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2. You have to provide certain information before you can withdraw money

As any online business, BossCapital has to put security first. There are money launderers and identity thieves out there that must be kept out of BossCapital’s business. To make sure that nobody steals money from your account, you have to verify every withdrawal method before you use it the first time.

To verify that it is really you making a withdrawal, you need to provide two easy to find documents, or three documents if you are using a credit card.

  1. Pictures of a government issued ID, front and back.
  2. A proof of residence that shows that you really live where you claim to live. Any utility bill will do.
  3. A picture of the credit card you want to use, with the middle eight numbers and the CVV blacked out.

Send these documents via email to BossCapital’s customer service, and you are good to go. Your withdrawal will be underway quickly. To streamline the process, you can also provide these documents right after registering. When you want to make a withdrawal later, you can do so quickly and without any preceding bureaucratic hassle.