GTOptions Deposit

GTOptions Deposit - logoDo you wonder how to deposit money with your binary options broker? We explain all your options for GTOptions deposit.

GToptions Deposit and your options for payment

GTOptions offers three deposit methods:

1. Credit card / debit card

Credit cards and debit cards are the preferred deposit method of most binary options traders. The reason for this strong preference is simple: Credit card and debit card deposits are:

Quick: Your money is booked to your account immediately. Why wait for something that you can have right now at no additional cost? Especially if you want to use the money to take advantage of a development that is happening this instant, having immediately available funds is an invaluable advantage.

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Easy: All you need to deposit money by credit card is your credit card number and CVV. It is hard to find an easier process.

Cheap: Credit card deposits are free of charge. There is no cheaper way to get money into your account.

Withdrawal possibilities: Due to money laundering laws, binary options brokers are only allowed to let you withdraw as much money with payment method as you deposited with this payment method. To experience quick and easy credit card withdrawals, you therefore also have to deposit money by credit card.

Because of these reasons, credit card is the most popular payment method amongst binary options traders and we highly recommend you use credit card deposits, too. If you do not own a credit card or do not want to deposit by credit card for some other reason, you can use one of the other payment methods there are two more payment methods you can use.

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2. Online payment providers / ewallets

Online payment providers, or ewallets, such as Skrill are another valid alternative to make a GTOptions deposit. While online payment providers match the easy and quick nature of credit card deposits, allowing for immediate deposits without fees, they face one significant limitation: While you can deposit money via ewallet, most online payment providers do not allow you to withdraw funds.

This limitation is significant. Normally, your default withdrawal method would be the same as your deposit method. If you can’t withdraw per ewallet, you fall back on GTOptions’ standard withdrawal method, which is bank transfer. Bank transfer is much slower and more complicated than credit card withdrawals, which is why most binary option traders prefer to withdraw money via credit card. To be allowed to withdraw by credit card, however, you also need to deposit by credit card.

3. Wire transfer

GTOptions final deposit method, wire transfer, has the advantage that you do not need an extra credit card or account with an online payment provider. On the other hand, there is a huge disadvantage. Wire transfer is by far the slowest payment method. While credit card and ewallet deposits are booked to your account immediately, wire transfers can take up to 7 business days. Unless you have to, there is no reason why should accept this waiting period without getting an advantage out of it.