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IQ Option Affiliate - LogoDo you want to make money online, without risk, but with a high earning potential? Then the IQ Option affiliate might be perfect for you.

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How the IQ Option affiliate program works

An affiliate program serves three simple purposes:

  1. Binary options traders need a good broker to make money with.
  2. Binary options brokers need traders to become their customers.
  3. You need money, and you can make it by connecting traders and brokers.

This way of making money is both genius and easy. All you have to do is connect two parties who are looking for each other anyway. Much like an online dating site, you can play the matchmaker and be rewarded from IQ Option for every successful match you create.

This system works in a simple way: IQ Option will provide you with a unique ID and a link to IQ Option that contains this ID. Every time a new customers gets to IQ Option by clicking on your link, IQ Option will register this customer as you referral. If this customer should sign up with IQ Option, you will get a bonus – even if the customer does not sign up with IQ Option immediately, but on a later return.

If a customer signs up with IQ Option, you get a reward. The reward is based on a revenue share basis which means you get a percentage of the business you generate.

Revenue share

With the revenue share program, you can participate on the revenue your customer creates for IQ Option for life. For as long as your customer stays with IQ Option, you will 50 percent of the revenue they generate.

While the revenue share program generates less initial returns than a CPA deal (Cost per acquisition), it can generate long-term income that can last for months and years – for as long as your customers stay with IQ Option. So this is a really good deal in the long run because you will end up earning more than on CPA. If you imagine you are building a revenue stream this revenue stream will keep flowing your way even if you do not work!

IQ Option Affiliate
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