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IQ Option Assets - LogoThis article teaches you one of the reasons why IQ Option is such a special broker. The IQ Option assets are different from the assets you will find with other brokers.

Where other brokers confuse you with endless lists of assets nobody wants to trade, IQ Option does things differently. Find out which IQ Option assets you can trade.

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What is so special about IQ Option assets?

When it comes to offering assets, all binary options brokers follow a simple formula: The more assets, the better. With some brokers offering more than 250 assets, this formula has led to quite some confusion among binary options traders: Many traders only trade the same 5 or 10 assets for their entire career, so all the other 240 assets only confuse them, get in the way of finding the right asset quickly, and complicate matters.

IQ Option attempts to solve this problem. Instead of offering endless amounts of assets, they have condensed their asset index down to 100+ assets. You are offered IQ Option assets in four categories: Commodities, forex (currencies), indices, and equities (stocks).

To understand IQ Option’s commitment to simplicity and clarity, we only have to look at all assets in the category commodities. Where other brokers offer such assets as wheat and coffee, assets that nobody trades, IQ Option offers only gold. Gold is the only commodity most traders invest in anyway. Why offer anything else?

The same applies to indices. Many brokers offer indices from the Middle East or small Asian countries, indices that hardly anybody had heard of before they became a binary options trader. IQ Option eliminates all these unnecessary assets. What remains is a perfect selection of indices a binary option trader would like to invest in: Dow Jones, S&P 500, FTSE 100, DAX, CAC 40, & NASDAQ 100. What else could anybody need?

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When it comes to currencies, IQ Option offers 22 pairs, mostly big pairs and the occasional smaller pair. If you want to invest in the Euro, the US Dollars, the British Pound, or Swiss Franc in all possible combinations, IQ Option has you covered. Other brokers offer such freakish currencies as Bitcoin, but most binary options trades have no use for these assets anyway.

Even when it comes to stocks, IQ Option stays clear, simple and big market oriented. Most of their stocks offered are from big markets in America, Asia, and Europe. While other brokers offer all possible assets, the IQ Option assets have the assets you really want to trade.

In conclusion, IQ Option offers a freshly unique approach to binary options trading. Many of the old dogmas of binary options trading deserve to be challenged, and IQ Option is the right broker to do it. If you are a free spirited trader that wants to try something different for a change, IQ Option might be exactly the broker you were looking for.

IQ Option Assets
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