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IQ Option Bonus - LogoIn this article we teach you everything you need to know about the IQ Option bonus.

If you want a lot of bonus for a little money, then IQ Option is ideal for you. Nobody offers better bonuses for everybody.

General risk warning
The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all of your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION!  IQ OPTION DOES NO LONGER OFFER ANY KIND OF BONUS. IQ Option has decided not to offer bonuses anymore as a consequence of some traders having suffered further financial loss caused by the attempts to fulfil the required trading volume, which applies to each bonus. Thus IQ Option do not provide deposit bonuses anymore to prevent this from happening.


What IQ Option bonus can you get?

IQ Option offers high bonus for everyone. With IQ Option, you can get the same bonuses for an investment of $10 that other brokers will withhold from you until you are willing to invest $15,000 or more.

The key to understanding IQ Option is understanding their account system. Much like other binary options brokers, IQ Option uses different accounts to reward traders who invest more money. In contrast to what other brokers do, IQ Option only use two account types and not five or seven, and provides higher bonuses for smaller investments than any competitor.

Starting with a minimum investment of $10, IQ Option offers you the real account, which gets you a deposit bonus of 80 percent. This is a unique offer in every aspect. First of all, $10 would not get you an account at all with most brokers. Secondly, to get an 80 percent bonus with many other brokers, you would have to deposit at least $10,000, maybe even a lot more.

Both aspects combined make IQ Option’s real account the second most powerful account in binary options. No other broker offers anything that can deliver such a high bonus for literally everyone that wants to trade binary options.

Trade with IQ Option now
Start your trading career with a $10 deposit at IQ Option!

The only account type that is more powerful than IQ Option’s real account is IQ Option’s VIP account. The VIP account starts at $1,000. This is significantly lower than the at least $25,000 other brokers require you to invest to get their best account.

Even though IQ Option’s top level account is much easier to get than the top level accounts of other brokers, it offers equally impressive bonuses. For only a $1,000 investment, you get a 100 percent deposit, a personal manager, and a monthly session with one of IQ Option’s trading expert to analyze your trading success. These rewards can easily match what other brokers offer you for a minimum deposit of $25,000 or more.

Especially new traders or traders with little money can use IQ Option’s bonus to get a quick start to their trading career. Instead of having to trade your way up to better accounts for years, IQ Option allows you to unleash the high potential of a profitable, prolific account.

IQ Option Bonus
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