IQ Option Deposit Bonus

IQ Option deposit bonus - LogoAre you looking to find out whether or not the IQ Option deposit bonus is worth going after? Then this article is just what you are looking for.

IQ Option offers some of the highest deposit bonuses you can get in binary options – and they have an even better offer. Learn more now!

What is so special about the IQ Option deposit bonus?

A deposit bonus is a great feature of binary options trading. You deposit money into your account, and your binary options broker will add a certain percentage of your amount extra – for free. Depending on the offer, your final account balance can be up to twice as high as the amount you deposited. You can hardly find such a great offer with a regular bank.

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While a deposit bonus is a great feature, there are still two types of deposit bonuses, one of them the clearly more rewarding option:

  1. Some deposit bonuses are paid on every deposit you make in your life, and
  2. Some deposits are only paid on the first deposit you make with a broker.

Clearly the first option is the better, more profitable solution. Sadly, though, it is also the overwhelmingly more rare option. Most brokers try to lure you in with some incredibly high bonus offer, but only pay this high bonus on the first deposit.

This is especially dramatic if you plan to test a broker first and only want to deposit the minimum required amount. In that case the high bonus will be lost on a deposit of $200 or the alike, and your following deposit of $2,500 will be without a bonus.

Luckily, IQ Option is one of the few brokers that does things the right way. With the IQ Option deposit bonus, you get a bonus on every single deposit you make over your career. That means, you get a bonus on your first deposit with IQ Option, you get a bonus whenever you top up your account balance, and you get a bonus whenever you want to add some quick funds to take advantage of a great trading opportunity.

Considering how many times you might feel the need to deposit money over your career, getting an additional bonus of up to 50 percent on each deposit can make a huge difference.

IQ Option’s policy even allows you to take a completely new approach to trading: You can make a profit of up to 100 percent by just breaking even. Simply deposit money and receive a bonus. You will have to invest this bonus a few times before you are allowed to withdraw. Invest the bonus without losing money and withdraw it. Now you can reinvest it, receive another bonus, and invest it again.