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IQ Option Free MoneyDo you want free money? With IQ Option, this dream has finally come true. In our IQ Option Free Money Guide, we explain how to get the biggest gift of your life without risking anything or having to pay for it. In detail, we will answer these questions:

  • Can I really get free money with IQ Option or is this just a marketing trick?
  • Which kind of strategy guarantees me that I will keep my IQ Option free money?

With IQ Option, this is easier to realize than anywhere else. Learn how now!


IMPORTANT INFORMATION!  IQ OPTION DOES NO LONGER OFFER ANY KIND OF BONUS. IQ Option has decided not to offer bonuses anymore as a consequence of some traders having suffered further financial loss caused by the attempts to fulfil the required trading volume, which applies to each bonus. Thus IQ Option do not provide deposit bonuses anymore to prevent this from happening.


Can I really get free money with IQ Option or is this just a marketing trick?

General risk warning
The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all of your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

When smart people hear promises about free money on the internet, they become skeptical – and rightfully so. Many illegitimate businesses use misleading marketing claims to lure traders into a situation where they end up losing a lot more than the small amount they gained in the beginning. Luckily, things are different with IQ Option.

With IQ Option, you get a system that helps you to get free money with absolute certainty, you can even test this system risk-free before you invest real money, and the high average payout makes the strategy easier to execute than with any other broker.

The difference between IQ Option’s free money gift and the empty promises of other websites is that IQ Option will not simply give you their money – you have to earn it. If you play your cards right, however, there is a strategy that will allow you to earn the IQ Option for sure. The strategy is mathematically proven, it can’t possibly go wrong, and you are certain to make a profit. To understand this strategy keep reading, we will explain it.


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How to get the IQ Option Free Money?

The trick to getting free money with any binary broker is using the deposit bonus the right way. The IQ Option deposit bonus works in a simple way. When you deposit money into your account, IQ Option will pay you a bonus on your deposit. This bonus is your free money.

The difference between IQ Option and other brokers is that IQ Option pays you a bonus on every single deposit. Most brokers only limit their bonus to your first deposit, which is why the free money trick is a one-time thing with these brokers. With IQ Option, however, you get a bonus on every deposit you make, allowing you to make a living by earning free money. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here is the step by step to how you get free money:

Firstly, you have to sign up with IQ Option. Click the link we provided for you, fill out the short form with some very basic information, and you are done. Now you can deposit money into your account. This is the crucial step because this is where you get the deposit bonus.

Secondly, IQ Option will add a percentage of the money you deposited to your account balance for free. This percentage can be as high as 50 percent! That means, if you deposit $10,000, for example, your final account balance would be $15,000 – 50 percent more than the amount you invested. The additional $5,000 is IQ Option’s personal gift to you – your IQ Option free money deposit bonus.

Of course, you are not allowed to withdraw your bonus immediately. Otherwise, everybody would simply deposit every Cent they own with IQ Option, get the bonus, and withdraw it again – IQ Option would be broke within minutes.

To avoid this disaster and to only provide the bonus to those customers who want to use it for trading, IQ Option requires you to invest your bonus a few times before you can withdraw it. This is common practice for any business that offers a bonus.

The difference between binary options and other businesses that provide a bonus is that it is much easier with binary options to fulfill this requirement. Think about it: You do not even have to make money with your trading. Even if you just break even, the bonus you received will net you a 50 percent profit. And even if you lose half of your bonus, you have made a 25 percent profit.

Therefore, all you need to do to make the IQ Option free money is to earn the bonus, trade the safest trading strategy you can until you are allowed to withdraw the bonus, and withdraw the bonus. Now you can invest your money again, earn another bonus, and start the cycle again. If you know what you are doing, you can make a living by earning the IQ Option free money while continually growing your account balance.

The important point here is that you trade well enough to keep at least a part of your bonus. To understand what this requirement means in detail, we will now take a closer look at the strategy that can guarantee that you will keep your IQ Option free money.


Which kind of strategy guarantees me that I will keep my IQ Option free money?

To keep your IQ Option free money bonus, you need a strategy. What you want is to trade enough so that you can withdraw your free bonus without losing any money.

What IQ Option wants when it is paying you free money is that you invest all of your money on a few trades. When you lose one of these trades, you lose your bonus and your original deposit. This is what you have to avoid.

This provides us with the parameters for our strategy:

  • Main goal: Trade well enough to keep your bonus.
  • The thing you have to avoid: Go bankrupt.

How can we achieve these goals? Well, the first goal is to avoid bankruptcy. To achieve this goal, you need to limit your investment per trade.

  • When you invest all of your money in every single trade, you will sooner or later end up bankrupt.
  • When you invest half of your money, losing one trade will wipe out your bonus and 25 percent of your deposit. Coming back from such a blow is almost impossible because you will lose another trade before you win enough trades to make all of your money back.

As you can see from these examples, the main problem that can cause traders to end up bankrupt is that they invest too much on a single trade. To guarantee that you can keep your free money, you have to limit your investment per trade and create a system that puts the odds in your favor. Of course, this also means that you will have to make many trades before you can keep your free money, but we will focus on making these trades as quick and easy as possible later.

For now, the important thing is that you should limit your investment per trade to somewhere between 2 percent and 3 percent of your account balance. With an account balance of $1,000, for example, you should invest somewhere between $20 and $30, $25 sounds like a good place to start.

With such a limited investment per trade, you can guarantee that one lost trade is not enough to ruin you. You know that your trading strategy determines whether you will keep your money by the end of the month, and by creating the right type of strategy, you can get the math on your side.

So what type of strategy do you need? Well, to keep the money you get, you have to break even. This is where IQ Option’s high payouts make things easy for you. In the past, IQ Option has offered an average payout of 85 percent on the Euro / U.S. Dollar currency pair. Breaking even with such a high payout is incredibly easy – you only need to win 54 percent of your trades.

This task is simpler than it sounds. Binary options offer only two options to what can happen: the price of an asset can rise or fall. This system resembles a coin toss. There are only two options, and even if you guess the direction the market will take, you will 50 percent of your trades. To break even, you only need to improve this value by 4 percent. If you win 55 percent of your trades, you will already start making money.

When you invest randomly, you will win 50 percent of your trades. Since you invest 5 percent of your total capital on every single trade, you need to make 20 trades before you have invested your capital once. To be allowed to keep the IQ Option free money, you have to invest your capital four times, which results in 80 trades. Combined with the 85 percent average payout, this means that you will end up with less money than you started out with. Consequently, random investments are insufficient to keep your free money bonus.


Trade with IQ Option now
Start your trading career with a $10 deposit at IQ Option!


Luckily, there are two alternatives that can help you to get a better result:

1. You can use IQ Option’s trading signals
IQ Option offers free trading signals to its traders. These signals tell you exactly what to invest in, which binary option to use, and when to invest. Every trader does differently with trading signals, but if you can use signals well enough to achieve an accuracy of at least 54 percent, you can use them to keep your free money bonus.

Simply invest in what the trading signals tell you to invest in, and you will soon be able to withdraw your deposit bonus.

If you are unsure whether you can use trading signals effectively enough to achieve an accuracy of 54 percent, read the last part of this guide on how to use the IQ Option demo to guarantee the effectiveness of your system.

When using signals, there are many soft factors that influence the profitability of your system, how long you take to react to a signal, for example. These factors are difficult to predict in advance, which is why we recommend traders to read our point on the IQ Option demo before they use their system with real money.

2. You can use an external signal provider
If you want signals that are not generated by your broker, there is an entire market of signal providers competing for your business. We have tested many signal providers on our website, and you can easily find a provider that will help you win the 54 percent of your trades that you need to keep you IQ Option free money.

Most providers cost around $100 a month and create signals with an accuracy of around 70 percent. These signals are accurate enough to not only help you keep your bonus but also to make a profit.

Compared to their benefits, $100 for good signal providers is easily worth the money. In the end, you have to decide for yourself whether the investment is worth the money to you, but signals providers are probably the safest way to guarantee that you can keep your full bonus.

3. You can learn to trade for yourself
To guarantee that you win 54 percent of your trades with IQ Option, you can also learn to trade yourself. The great thing here is that you do not have to trade well enough to make money – even if you break even, you make a profit of 50 percent just because you get the deposit bonus. Consequently, you need much less training than someone who wants to trade their way to millions of Dollars through active trading.

Often, you can achieve an accuracy of 50 percent by understanding how to use one simple indicator. Take a look at technical indicators, which allow you to create easy signals, and learn how to use one or two of them to find trading opportunities. With a few hours of training, you will be able to trade well enough to reach the 54 percent winning percentage that you need to keep your free money.


How can I guarantee that my IQ Option free money system works?

The IQ Option free money system is simple – deposit, trade, withdraw, repeat. There are some variables in the process that deserve testing, though, most notably whether you can trade accurately enough to break even. Luckily, IQ Option offers the perfect tool for such testing. This tool is the IQ Option demo.

The IQ Option works just like a regular trading account, but it allows you to trade with play money instead of real money. In this risk-free environment, you can perfect your free money system until you are absolutely sure that it works. When you switch to real money trading, you will be able to guarantee that you can make a profit.

The great advantage of the IQ Option demo is that you can get it as simply as a mobile game on your phone. All you have to do is go to the IQ Option website or download the IQ Option mobile app and log in to the demo with your Facebook account, your Google account, or your email. After that, you can start trading immediately.

Compared to the demos of other brokers, the IQ Option demo is much simple and customer-friendly. Other brokers refuse to let you sign up for their demo directly. Instead, they require you to get their regular trading accounts and offer you their demos as features of these accounts. This simple difference has a major impact because getting an active trading account requires you to deposit at least $500 with a broker – a completely unnecessary expense for newcomers who want to test a strategy.

Do yourself a favor and start with the IQ Option demo. Sign up for the demo, trade for as long as you need to perfect your strategy and until you can guarantee that you will be able to keep your free money bonus. You know that you achieved this goal when you managed to trade for an extended period of time – at least one month – without losing money.

Trade with IQ Option now
Start your trading career with a $10 deposit at IQ Option!



IQ Option is one of the very few places on the internet where you can truly get free money. To achieve this goal, you need the right strategy. Deposit money, get the free deposit bonus, and trade for as long as you need to be allowed to withdraw the bonus. To execute this strategy successfully, you only need to trade well enough to break even. Such a strategy is much easier to execute than a strategy that requires you to turn a profit.

To eliminate all risk from your strategy, you can try your trading with the IQ Option demo. Without having to deposit or invest anything, you can try every aspect of binary options trading. Perfect your strategy until you know that you can break even, and you will be able to execute the IQ Option free money strategy.

IQ Option Free Money
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