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With IQ Option, this is easier to realize than anywhere else. Learn how now!

How to get the IQ Option Free Money?

The trick to getting free money with any binary broker is using their deposit bonus the right way. Since most brokers only offer a bonus on your first deposit, however, this trick is a one-time thing. With IQ Option, however, you get a bonus on every deposit you make, thereby allowing you to make a living by earning free money. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here is the step by step to how you get free money:

First, you have to sign up with IQ Option. Click the link we provided for you, fill out the short form with some very basic information, and you are done. Now you can deposit money into your account. This is the crucial step, because this is where you get the deposit bonus.

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Then IQ Option will pay add a percentage of the money you deposited to your account balance for free. This percentage can be as high as 50 percent! That means, if you deposit $10,000, for example, your final account balance would be $15,000 – 50% above the amount you invested. The additional $5,000 is IQ Option’s personal gift to you – your IQ Option free deposit bonus money.

Of course, you are not allowed to immediately withdraw your bonus. Otherwise, everybody would simply deposit every Cent they own with IQ Option, get the bonus, and withdraw it again – IQ Option would be broke within minutes.

To avoid this disaster and to only provide the bonus to those customers who want to use it for trading, IQ Option requires you to invest your bonus a few times before you can withdraw it. This is common practice for any business that offers a bonus.

The difference between binary options and other businesses that provide a bonus is that it is much easier with binary options to fulfill this requirement. Think about it: You do not even have to make money with your trading. Even if you just break even, the bonus you received will net you a 100 percent profit. And even if you lose 25 percent of your account balance, you have made a 50 percent profit.

Therefore, all you need to do to make the IQ Option free money is to earn the bonus, trade the securest strategy you can until you are allowed to withdraw the bonus, and withdraw the bonus. Now you can invest your money again, earn another bonus, and start the cycle again. If you know what you are doing, you can make a living by earning the IQ Option free money while continually growing your account balance.

IQ Option Free Money
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