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IQ Option security - LogoAre you looking for a binary options broker with great security features that keep your money safe? The IQ Option security level could be just what you need.

General risk warning
The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all of your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

What are the IQ Option security features?

It’s the worst dream of any binary options broker: Somebody steals money from your account. The fruits of your labor, everything you worked so hard for – gone. This is a disaster you need to avoid. The most important step to keeping your money safe is choosing a binary options broker that employs the highest of security standards.

Security standards of a binary options broker predominantly need to focus on two areas:

1) Your communication with the broker’s trading software must be completely secure. If anybody can intercept your password, for example, hackers would sooner or later find a way to access your account without your knowledge and harm you.

2) Even if your communication with the broker is completely secure, somebody might obtain your login information offline – maybe be finding the piece of paper that you wrote your password down on or by guessing your password because they know you. Therefore, your broker has to have a system in place that stops these people from stealing your money.

Luckily, IQ Option knows how to provide a secure service for both of these points.

To keep your communication with the trading software secure, IQ Option uses the SSL encryption standard. This is the best security protocol the web has to offer. Even the biggest banks use it for their online banking, because it virtually impossible to crack. With this encryption method in place, you can be absolutely sure that nobody can intercept your communication with IQ Option.

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To prevent someone who has obtained your password in another way from stealing money out of your account, IQ Option uses a simple but genius tool: Anybody who wants to withdraw money from your account can only withdraw it to a credit card or bank account you have already used. Therefore, a thief could not enter his own credit card or bank account into the system and withdraw the money there.

To use a new withdrawal method with your account, the person trying to withdraw money has to provide a picture of your government issued ID, a picture of a proof of residence for your address, and, if the withdrawal is by credit card, a picture of the credit card that is being used. Since only you can provide all of these documents, only you can withdraw money from your account.

IQ Option Security
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