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iq option tricksDo you want to make money the easy way? Then apply these IQ Option tricks to your strategy and you are on your way.

IQ Option is one of the most unique binary options brokers on the market. This uniqueness allows you to apply tricks that can improve the results of your strategy tremendously. This article will detail these tricks and help you make more money with some easy changes.

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In detail, we will look at these tricks for your IQ Option strategy:

  • The demo account trick,
  • The EUR/USD trick,
  • The recommendation trick, and
  • The risk-free trading trick.

With these IQ Option tricks, you will be able to maximize your profits and minimize your risk to zero.

The best IQ Option tricks for your strategy

Our IQ Option tricks cover a wide range of topics. Some of these tricks are absolute no-brainers that you should use at every chance you get; some are a little more complicated, and it might be enough for you to use them once, probably at the start of your trading career.

Let’s look at each trick individually, and you will soon understand the best way to use them.

Trade with IQ Option now
Start earning money today with just a $10 deposit with IQ Option!

IQ Option tricks 1: The demo account trick

What would you say if there were a way for you to perfect your trading in a risk-free environment before you risk real money? A way that would allow you to develop a winning strategy and only invest money in it when you that it will create a profit. With IQ Option, there is such a way.

This way is the IQ Option demo. The IQ Option demo allows you to test every aspect of the IQ Option service with play money instead of real money. Aside from this one change, you get exactly the same trading account as a real-money trader and exactly the same tools, binary options types, and assets. With this system, IQ Option puts you in the perfect position to develop a winning strategy without having to risk a single Cent.

The trick is to start your trading career with a demo account. You then trade as long with this demo as necessary until you can guarantee that you will make money by the end of the month. Once you can guarantee this, you switch to real money trading and get rich. The IQ Option demo is the cheat code that makes you invincible.

The best thing about the IQ Option demo is that you can get it as easily as you would get a game on your mobile phone. Follow one of our links to the IQ Option website, log in with your Facebook account, your Google account, or your email address, and you can start trading. The entire process only takes a second. Other brokers require you to deposit money with them before they allow you to test their service, but IQ Option makes things a lot easier for you. IQ Option even offers an app that allows you to trade from your phone.

With this trick, you can avoid the initial losses that starting with real money will create. If you develop your strategy and find your preferred trading style while investing hard cash, you will run into a few dead ends and make a few rookie mistakes that will cost you a lot. With the IQ Option demo, you can avoid these losses and save yourself a lot of money. This is one of the best IQ Option tricks that you can know with binary options.

IQ Option tricks 2: The EUR/USD trick

Like any other broker, IQ Option offers a large selection of assets from all over the world and all categories. Not all assets, however, are born equal. There is one asset that stands out and can help you make more money.

This asset is the EUR/USD currency pair. This pair allows you to invest in the Euro in relation to the U.S. Dollar, and it offers the highest payouts of all of IQ Option’s assets.

The reason for this connection is that the EUR/USD is IQ Option’s flagship asset. When IQ Option advertises its highest average payout, they always use the EUR/USD. Consequently, IQ Option has to keep the payouts for the EUR/USD as high as possible, a need they do not have for any other type of asset.

In the past, this process has caused the average payout for the EUR/USD to reach 85 percent, which is an insanely high value. With most brokers, you could be happy to get an average payout of 70 percent to 75 percent, and getting 10 to 15 percent more on every winning trade is a huge deal. It will take you only 50 winning trades to increase your profits by 11,739 percent of your original investment, which, if you started with an original investment of $10, would result in an extra profit of $1,173.90.

Now, the important thing to understand is that all of IQ Option’s assets generally provide high payouts. It is the EUR/USD, however, that consistently creates the highest payouts. If you are close to making a profit but can’t quite get there with your current assets, try to focus on the EUR/USD, and you might be able to improve your trading by the few percent that you need.

IQ Option tricks 3:  Become affiliate partner

Let’s be realistic here: Since IQ Option offers you the best product in the market with low minimum deposit and a 1.000 USD free demo account, you will probably recommend IQ Option. If you play your cards right, this recommendation can pay you a lot of money at no cost to you.

IQ Option offers an affiliate service. With this service, you get money for every customer you deliver to IQ Option. This process does not make things more expensive for the customer you deliver; you simply get a cut out of IQ Option’s profit. This is a good way to earn a commission at no risk for you. And IQ Option will be happy if you deliver new customers to their business..

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IQ Option Tricks 4: Build a successful robot

IQ Option is the only broker in the market we know of who offers you are unique opportunity to build your own binary options robot. You might know that in todays world some market crashes have been created by robots. Simply because robots can create thousands of deals in seconds compared to humans. Humans can only create a few deals every minute.

If you can create a strong robot you get a chance to literally let your strategy being handled by a robot. The robot is doing what you tell it to do so you can be sure it is your decisions that is behind. This is contrary to some of the binary options robots in the market where it is the robots developers who decide how the robot should act.

If you like creating robots in IQ Option can be done both for the purpose of earning money or for the purpose of entertainment. If you choose to let it be entertainment remember to now put more money into it than what you feel the entertainment is worth to you.


Trading with IQ Option is a highly rewarding experience in itself. With a few IQ Option tricks, you can make your trading even more profitable and even more secure.

Some of the IQ Option tricks on this list should be an essential tool for every trader.

  • Starting out with a demo account is a no-brainer. You can develop your strategy and your skills in a risk-free environment until you know that you can trade successfully and that you will make a profit with real-money trading. Who would refuse this option?
  • Focusing on the EUR/USD currency pair can help you maximize your profits without any downside, which is why this trick should be a fixed point in your trading strategy, too.
  • Monetizing your network and opportunities to help IQ Option finding new customers is also possible.
  • Building robots is also an unique feature of IQ Option.

The other IQ Option tricks on our list require a little more work. We recommend you use them nonetheless. They can multiply your profits and cut your risk to zero.

Equipped with these tricks, you have all the tools you need to create a successful strategy for IQ Option. Have fun and enjoy!


Trade with IQ Option now
Start earning money today with just a $10 deposit with IQ Option!


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IQ Option Tricks
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