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IQ Option Validation - LogoDo you want a broker that keeps your money safe? Then you should learn about the IQ Option validation process now! We explain everything.

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How to complete the IQ Option validation

The worst thing that could happen to any binary options trader is that someone steals money from their account. This scenario is far from unlikely. All you have to do is lose the paper you have written your password down on or lose your mobile phone while you are still signed into your account. Suddenly, someone can access your account and – in theory – withdraw all the money they want.

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As a trustworthy partner, IQ Option helps you to prevent this horror scenario. Even if someone else obtains the login information into your account, they can’t withdraw money because IQ Option uses a thorough validation process for every new withdrawal method someone wants to use from your account.

This means, someone who obtains your account information, could only withdraw money by using an existing withdrawal method. They could use your already existing credit card or bank account information, but they could not withdraw money to a new bank account or a new credit card. This system effectively eliminates the possibility that someone could steal money from your account.

If you want to use a new payment method, you only need to complete the verification process once for each payment method. To complete the verification process, you need to provide the IQ Option customer service with these documents:

  • A clear picture of a valid, government issued ID with your name and picture on it. This can be your driver’s license, your passport, or any other ID, as long as it is issued by your government.
  • A picture of a proof of residence. This can be anything that proves that you actually live where you are registered with IQ Option and are not some other person with the same name. Most people use a utility bill for water or gas, or a document that is validated by a notary.
  • If you want to withdraw money by credit card, a picture of the credit card, back and front, with the middle eight numbers of the credit card number blacked out. This helps to prevent money laundering and makes sure that money is paid to a credit card you actually own.

Simply email these pictures to IQ Option’s support, and they will activate your new payment method for you. Since nobody but you can provide all these documents, your money with IQ Option is absolutey theft-proof.

IQ Option Validation
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