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OptionFair Bonus - logoDo you want free money? The OptionFair bonus provides a deposit bonus of up to 100 percent – they double your money for free.

The OptionFair Bonus

OptionFair offers two kinds of bonuses: A deposit bonus and an additional profit that comes with higher account types. Both types of bonuses combine to create a powerful support for your trading.

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As with any binary option broker, the height of your bonus with OptionFair depends on your account type. OptionFair offers five account types. Depositing more money will get you a higher account type, which will come with additional features and perks – among them are higher bonuses.

  1. The lowest account type, the standard account starts at a deposit of $250 and provides you with a 20 percent deposit bonus.
  2. For an initial deposit of $500, you get the silver account, which increases the deposit bonus to 40 percent and offers an additional profit of 1 percent.
  3. The gold account starts at $2,000 and provides you with a 60 percent bonus and an additional profit of 2 percent.
  4. The platinum account starts at $15,000 and provides you with an 80 percent bonus and an additional profit of 2 percent.
  5. The VIP account starts at $50,000 and provides you with a 100 percent bonus and an additional profit of 2 percent.

From this list, you can see that you should get at least the silver account when you first deposit money with OptionFair. Compared to the silver account’s minimum deposit of $250, the gold accounts minimum deposit of $500 is not that much more, but it provides you with a much higher bonus.

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For example, let’s assume that you deposit $400 with OptionFair. You would get the standard account and a 20 percent deposit of $80, which would result in a total account balance of $480. If you would deposit $500, however, you would get the silver account and a 40 percent deposit bonus of $200, which would result in an account balance of $700.

In this case, an additional deposit of $100 would increase your final account balance by $220 – a 220 percent return on your investment. Such rates are almost impossible to get anywhere else and the easiest money you will make in your life. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity.

Additionally, the increased return of 1 percent will accumulate to a lot of money over the time of your trading career. Just think of the example with the rice grain and the chess board, and you will understand the power of compound interest.