Porter Finance Payout

Porter Finance Payout - LogoBy using a unique concept, Porter Finance offers some of the best payout in binary options. Learn more about the Porter Finance payout system and how to profit from this great offer!

Which Porter Finance payout can I use?

As with any binary options broker, the payout of your binary option with Porter Finance depends on a couple of factors:

  • The type of binary option you use, and
  • The market situation you invest in.

Of these two factors, the first usually is the more important. With most brokers, the binary options type you use determines the range of payouts you can get, and the current market price determines whether your actual payout will be to the top or the bottom of this range.

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To understand this mechanism better, let us look a few examples.

When you invest in a high / low option, you will receive a payout of 70 percent to 90 percent. Depending on the current market situation, the payout will be closer to the upper or the lower end of this range. If most traders are investing in falling prices, but you think that the market will rise, you will be closer to 90 percent.

If you invest in the same direction as most traders, your payout will be closer to 70 percent. Generally, most of your payouts will be in the range of 80 percent to 85 percent. Higher payouts resemble what Porter Finance considers a more risky situation, lower payouts what Porter Finance considers a safer investment. Of course, if you see something in the market, you might very well be able to invest safely in a direction that Porter Finance considers to be risky right now.

The same mechanism – higher payouts on riskier investments, lower payouts on safer investments – usually also applies to different binary option types. For one touch options, for example, you have to predict whether an asset’s price can reach a certain target price. Most brokers use a faraway target price that the market will rarely reach, but also offer the high payout of around 200 percent to 300 percent to justify such a risky investment.

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Porter Finance does things differently. Instead of using a faraway target price and a high payout, Porter Finance aims at keeping a relatively constant payout for all of its binary options types. As a result, you will receive a Porter Finance payout of 70 percent to 90 percent on every binary options type, and the binary options are adjusted to justify this payout.

For one touch options, this means that the target price will be significantly closer to the current market price than with other binary options brokers. This change has significant implications when it comes to the possible strategies that you can employ with Porter Finance. Generally, Porter Finance is ideal for traders that prefer secure investments and steady gains over risky investments.