Prestige Option Review

Prestige Option ReviewPrestige Option has revolutionized the binary options world by doing everything a bit better, a bit simpler, and a bit more profitable than all other brokers before them. In our Prestige Option review, we will tackle all the important questions you have before you sign up with a broker:

  • Why prefer Prestige Option over other brokers?
  • Can you make money with Prestige Option?
  • Can you trust Prestige Option?

After we answered these questions, you will be able to make a perfect decision on whether to start trading with Prestige Option.

Prestige Option review: Why prefer Prestige Option over other brokers?

There are hundreds of binary options brokers competing for your business, so why should you trade with Prestige Option? Luckily, this is an easy question to answer. Prestige Option offers a number of unique features that provide you with more than enough good reasons to prefer Prestige Option over other binary options brokers. Let’s take a look at each of these features individually.

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24/7 trade availability

Many binary options brokers limit your trading time to 16 hours on weekdays. If you want to trade on the weekend or during the 8 remaining hours of the day, these brokers leave you out in the cold. Especially for traders who work during the week or live in a time zone that forces them to trade during a difficult time, this can be an almost insurmountable problem.

Prestige Option is one of the first brokers that solves this problem. With Prestige Option, there is always an asset you can invest in – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you prefer to use the quiet of Sundays for your trading, Prestige Option is one of the first brokers that finally enables you to trade when you want.

Unique StrategiX trading feature

With their StrategiX tool, Prestige Option has created the holy grail of binary options trading. There is simply no other tool that can rival the greatness of StrategiX.

Prestige Option’s StrategiX tool combines all advanced binary options types in one easy-to-use feature. You can seamlessly switch between boundary options, one touch options, and many other option types, without having to reselect your asset every time you switch your option type.

Additionally, StrategiX introduces a new level of functionality the binary options world has never seen before. You can adjust the target price of your binary option freely, which enables you to trade more precisely than with any other binary option tool currently available.

An impressive selection of assets and binary options types

To be successful in anything, you need good raw materials and good tools. In the binary options world, the raw materials are assets, and the tools are binary options types. Prestige Option offers high quality for both raw materials and tools, which is unique in the binary options world.

Prestige Option features assets in four categories:

  • Stocks,
  • Indices,
  • Currencies, and
  • Commodities.

In each of these categories, you can find assets from all over the world. All in all Prestige Option offers 100 assets – easily enough for any trader.

You can trade these assets with any binary options type the market has to offer:

  • High / low options,
  • 60 seconds option,
  • Above / below options (available through the StrategiX tool, this is an improved version of ladder options),
  • Range options (available through the StrategiX tool),
  • Touch options (available through the StrategiX tool), and
  • No touch options (available through the StrategiX tool).

With these option types, you can trade any market environment successfully.

Can you make money with Prestige Option?

The short answer to this all-important question is: yes. When we expand on this answer, however, you will be able to realize the full brilliance of Prestige Option.

Prestige Options average payouts for high / low options and 60 seconds options range from 75 percent to 85 percent, depending on your strategy. This value is among the highest you can get with binary options, and it is easily enough for you to make money by trading with Prestige Option. If your strategy can make money anywhere else, you will definitely make money with Prestige Option, too. Odds are, you will even increase your profits.

The true genius of Prestige Option, however, is their StrategiX tool. As we have already pointed out, this tool enables you to adjust the target price of all option types that use a target price freely. If you trade a one touch option, for example, you can adjust the distance to the target price to any value you like.

Other brokers only offer you one distance; you can take it or leave it. That is a problem. If you expect a $1 movement, but your broker offers you only a target price with a distance of $0.50, you are wasting half of the movement.

With Prestige Option, on the other hand, you can move the target price further away, which increases your payout tremendously. Doubling the distance of your target price can easily triple your payout, depending on the market environment.

Consequently, Prestige Option’s feature of allowing you to adjust your target price freely can increase your profits by a factor no other trading tool can rival.

Is Prestige Option safe?

The final aspect of Prestige Option we have to analyze is safety. Without safety, everything else is lost, which makes safety the most important criteria for any online business.

Luckily, Prestige Option went all the way to provide you with the safety you need. First of all, Prestige Option bought the right to use the SSL protocol, the safest encryption protocol the world has to offer. With this protocol, Prestige Option encrypts all of the communication between you and their trading platform, which makes it absolutely impossible for anybody to intercept your data and steal your login.

This is an important security feature because many hackers specifically target login data that is sent over unsafe channels. Such data can be intercepted easily, and would enable a hacker to log into your account, make trades, and bankrupt you.

Due to the use of the SSL protocol, what is the weakest link in the safety chains of many online businesses is one of Prestige Option’s strong points. Your communication is 100 percent safe.

In addition to the SSL protocol, Prestige Option has registered with 6 different government regulation agencies all over Europe. Among these institutions are the Cyprian CySEC, an expert for binary options, and the German BaFin, an institution with German accuracy and honesty.

These six government agencies monitor every aspect of Prestige Option’s business. Combined, they employ thousands of experts, all of which know exactly what to look for to guarantee the safety of a financial institution.

As long as all of these experts give Prestige Option their blessing, you can be absolutely sure that you are dealing with a trustworthy broker. Should there be even the slightest security concern, these experts will immediately alert Prestige Option and insist on solving the problem as quickly as possible.

If you want a broker that guarantees your safety, there is no better choice than Prestige Option.


Prestige Option is a broker that offers unique features. There are good reasons to choose Prestige Option over all other binary options brokers currently available, you can definitely make money with Prestige Option, and Prestige Option is 100 percent safe.

If you would like to profit from this unique set of advantages, too, follow one of our links and sign up with Prestige Option now!