uBinary - logoAre you tired of binary options brokers that reserve their best accounts for wealthy traders? With uBinary, everyone can get a premium account.

uBinary features

Five unique account types

uBinary uses a unique account system: While most binary options broker reserve better services and more perks for traders who are willing to deposit more money, uBinary allows every trader to benefit from higher account types.

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For uBinary, the difference between accounts does not come with the amount you deposit, but the minimum investment amount per trade. Traders who are willing to invest more per trade get better conditions such as higher payouts, more free signals, and more tools to manage your option after you invested.

With the highest account type, the platinum account, you get a payout of 95%. For such good conditions, which are almost a sure way to make money, it is a no-brainer to accept higher minimum investment requirements – why would you not invest more with a 95% payout? No other binary options broker offer such high payouts, even on their best account types.


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Economic events overview

On most days, there is a lot happening in the world. Especially new traders often find it difficult to make sense of the daily complexity and predict how these events will impact the market. Therefore, it can be a great help to have a broker who will help you analyze important events.

For this purpose, uBinary offers an overview over the next economic events. Every event is listed with the precise time, the currency it will affect directly and the importance of the event. Should an event involve the publication of an indicator or a report, uBinary lists the previous value of the indicator, the expected new value, and, after publication, the actual value.

These three values help you to quickly estimate whether the indicator met, exceeded, or disappointed, the market’s expectations, thereby giving you a strong indication to how the market will react. While the market will not always react logically to events, uBinary’s economic events overview can give you the edge when dealing with events.


uBinary offers assets in four categories: Currencies, indices, commodities, and stocks. Each category provides a long list of assets from all over the world and every type of industry.

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Binary options types

uBinary offers five types of binary options:

Above / below options

uBinary calls high / low options, the classic binary options type, above / below options. With above / below options, you have to predict whether an assets price will rise or fall over a given period of time. As expiry time, you can choose the next full hour or any of the next full hours in two hours steps.

60 seconds options

60 seconds options are a special form of high / low options with an especially short expiration time of only 60 seconds. Being able to trade in such short time frames creates two distinct characteristics of 60 seconds options:

1.      You can earn more money than with any binary options type: With 60 seconds options, you can win hundreds of option in the same it would take you to win one option with regular high / options. Winning more options will result in higher profits, thereby making 60 seconds options the option type with the most potential.

2.      You are trading a more erratic market environment: On such short time frames as 60 seconds, the market behaves more erratic. This is great for some strategies and bad for others – but you have to account for it. Choose a trading strategy that seeks out short movements such as breakouts or employs a gambling-type logic.

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Speed trading options

With expiration times of 2 or 5 minutes, speed trading options fill the gap between 60 seconds options and regular high / low options. Other than the expiration time, speed trading options work exactly as high low options: You have to predict whether the asset will rise or fall until your option expires.

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Option builder

Option builder is a tool that wants to give traders more control: By choosing the asset, the payout, and the duration of your high / low option, you can build your own binary option. Expiry times can be chosen in 10 minute steps from 10 minutes to 12 hours. Payouts are limited by the type of account you use – investing more per trade will get you a higher payout.

Long term options

Long term options are the exact opposite of 60 seconds options: They allow you to trade high / low options with expiry times of weeks and month. Trade who want to invest in fundamental long term movements will find long term options to be a great asset for them.


Opening an account with uBinary is quick and easy. All you need to do is click the “register” button at the top right on uBinary’s website and fill out the form, which will open, with very basic information: Your email, name, phone number, and a password – that’s it. Now fund your account and you can start trading.

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