uTrader Account Types

uTrader Account Types - logoWhile many brokers want you to deposit a lot of money to get a decent bonus, uTrader gives large bonuses to everyone in their various uTrader account types.

Discover the uTrader Account Types

To provide the individually right service for each trader, uTrader offers four different account types. Each account type offers different rewards to the trader. Which account type you get depends on how much money you deposit into your account. Depositing more money will get you a higher account type with more rewards.

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There are four varieties of the uTrader account types

1) Start account

The start account starts with a minimum deposit of $300. In addition to daily market reviews, video tutorials, and trading materials, the start account provides you with a deposit bonus of 50%.

For an entry level account type, a 50% deposit bonus is huge. Many other brokers offer no deposit on their lowest account types or only 25%. Since only traders who are low on cash will choose the start account, getting an additional boost for free is especially important.

2) Silver account

uTrader’s second lowest account, the silver account, starts with a minimum deposit of $1,001 and increases the deposit bonus to 100%. Getting such a high deposit bonus for such a low deposit is rare in binary options. To get a 100% bonus, many other brokers require you to deposit $20,000 or more. With uTrader, you can get the same for one twentieth of the money.

In addition to the high deposit bonus, the silver account provides you with a personal financial analyst, which is also rare for such a low deposit. A personal analyst can help you analyze the market, thereby showing you profitable trading opportunities and making you a better analyst yourself.

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3) Gold account

Starting with a minimum deposit of $5,001, you get uTrader’s gold account, the second highest account type. The gold account increases the deposit bonus to 120%, provides you with a personal analyst, and guarantees you a higher priority for withdrawing your money.

Additionally, the gold account guarantees you an individual review of your trading account with a financial analyst for 30 minutes per week.

4) VIP account

Starting from $25,001, you get uTrader top shelf account, the VIP account. The VIP account increases the deposit bonus even further – to 150%. Withdrawals will be handled with the highest priority.

You also get help in developing a personal trading strategy depending on your personal preferences, a private education in 4 trading strategies, and your own quarterly trading plan. The individual review of your trading account with a financial analyst can now be done upon your request for an unlimited number of times.