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DISCLAIMER AND IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT 24OPTION! Binary options involves risk and you can loose all your invested capital. Payout rates are all based on the assumption you make a successful trade.

24option offers a large selection of underlying assets, which, in combination with their versatile binary options types, allow for very unique trading styles. Learn more about the 24option underlying assets here:

The 24option underlying Assets

24option offers four basic types of underlying assets: Currencies, commodities, stocks, and indices. For a trader, the biggest difference between different asset types are their different trading times. Also, currencies are traded in pairs, which makes currencies a unique underlying asset with fundamentally different trading properties.”
Let us take a look at each of 24option’s assets individually:


Stocks are the classic underlying asset type to be invested in with binary options. To trade binary options on stocks, you can choose from four different binary option types:

  • High / Low options: Predict whether the stock’s price will rise or fall over a given period of time.
  • 60 seconds: A special form of high / low options with a 60 seconds expiration time.

With these two option types, 24option allows you to invest in a wide array of stocks from all over the world:

  • Asia (PetroChina, Samsung, Gazprom, etc.),
  • America (Apple, Nike, Coca Cola, etc.)
  • Europe (BMW, British Petroleum PLC, France Telecom, etc.)

You can invest in binary options based on a stock while its home market is open for trading.


Currencies are fundamentally different binary options than stocks. Currencies are traded in pairs. This means you do not have to predict whether a single stock will rise or fall over a given period of time, but which of two stocks will outperform the other.

Combine this premise with 24option’s four different option types, and you get an endless array of possibilities. Investing in a high/low options based on currencies, for example, means that you would have to predict whether both currencies in a pair will perform similarly or differently. When you predict that one currency will outperform the other significantly, a high/low option is the ideal option type to achieve a high payout with this prediction.

Currencies are traded continuously throughout the week from Monday to Friday.


Commodities are a cross between stocks and currencies: The feature the basic characteristics of stocks but are traded as long as continuously as currencies.


For binary options investments, indices are almost identical to stocks. They feature the same trading times and the same basic characteristics.

Trading binary options involves substantial risk and may lead to loss of all invested capital.
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