Banc De Binary App

Banc De Binary App - LogoBanc De Binary has developed a free, easy to use mobile app that allows you to trade from anywhere on the go. This article covers the subcjet of how you install the Banc De Binary app and how you trade with it once it is installed.

How to install Banc De Binary’s mobile app

Banc De Binary’s mobile app is available for Apple and Android devices. To start trading, you first need to open account with Banc De Binary by clicking the link below. Simply fill out the form and deposit some money in your account.

Then, download the app from the App Store or the Play Store. Your phone will automatically install the app. Open it, log in to your account, and you can start trading.

How to trade with the Banc De Binary app

Trading with the Banc De Binary app is easy, intuitive, and fun. On the bottom of your screen, there is the main menu. Click the “Trade” button in the middle of the menu to start trading. Now you can see the list of assets displayed. Choose the asset you would like to invest in, and the screen will show you all the information you need.

At the top, you can see the potential payout. Below, there is the price diagram showing you the previous movements. At the bottom, there are the most important buttons: An arrow pointing up, and an arrow pointing down. Click the arrow pointing up to invest in a rising prices, and the arrow pointing down to invest in falling prices. In the middle of both arrows you can see the current market price.

The app guarantees you the same high payouts as the online trading application, and you can access the same wide range of asset and binary option types. Via the menu at the bottom you can also access your trading history to see if your current strategy is working for you. In the “Portfolio” section, you can see all your currently open trades and the results of your expired trades. The “Account” button allows you to manage your account.

In conclusion, Banc De Binary’s trading app is a genius trading tool that helps you spend business meetings and bus rides productively. The Android and the Apple version of the App are almost identical, and both options are a great tool for any trader.

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