Banc De Binary Canada

Banc De Binary CanadaDo you want to know if you can trade with Banc De Binary Canada – that is if you are trading from Canada?

For Canadian binary option traders, Banc De Binary offers perfect conditions to make a lot of money. Learn which assets you can invest in now!

Banc De Binary Canada – which assets can you can invest in?

Banc De Binary’s huge selection of assets also provides great tools for any Canadian trader.


For most commodities, Banc De Binary offers trading times from 03:00 GMT to 19:00 GMT from Monday to Friday. Depending on where you live in Canada, this results in trading times from the late evening to the early afternoon Canadian time. Covering a time span of 16 hours, every trader should be able to find a few hours where he can trade commodities.


Banc De Binary offers a wide selection of stock market indexes to invest in. The trading time of each index is limited to the time its stock exchange is open for business. Due to the large number of indexes available, you can always find an open stock exchange.

The NASDAQ futures alone allow you to invest in the American market from 03:00 GMT to 20:00 GMT, which, depending on your time zone, translates to a 17-hour trading period from the early Canadian morning to the late evening. The open time from 20:00 GMT to 03:00 GMT is easily covered by Asian and European index trading.

In short: Canadian binary option traders looking to invest in indexes can do so during any time of the day. Banc De Binary offers you perfect conditions for this kind of strategy.


Currencies are the perfect asset to invest in, regardless of where you live. From Monday to Friday, currencies are traded continuously without interruption. Currencies open trading at 00.00 GMT on Monday and close at 23:59 GMT on Friday.

For Canadian traders, this means that you can trade currencies from late Sunday evening to late Friday afternoon. When you travel through different time zones, you can keep trading currencies without interruption.


Canadian traders can invest in a multitude of stocks. Banc De Binary offers over 70 different stocks for you to invest. Just like indexes, stocks can only be traded during the opening hours of their home stock exchange. Banc De Binary large selection of asset enables you to invest in stocks all day.

For Canadian traders, this means that you can invest in North American and South American stocks during the work day. Trader looking to invest in the evening can invest in Asian stocks, traders looking to invest in the morning can invest in European stocks.

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