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Banc De Binary Options - logoBanc De Binary offers a wide array of binary option types. With our knowledge, these will enable you to employ a wide array of strategies, and thereby get the most from the Banc De Binary Options.

If you want to expand your knowledge about one of the greatest brokers in the business, you have come to the right place.

4 different Banc De Binary Options

Banc De Binary offers four different option types:

Digital Options Pro

Banc De Binary calls its high / low options Digital Options Pro. In essence, Banc De Binary’s high low options work like any other high / low option trading platform: Choose the asset and the expiration time you want to use from the drop down menus at the top, and choose the direction you want to invest in by clicking on of the two errors at the right.

The great advantage of Banc De Binary high / low options is that they allow you to choose your expiration time in intervals of 10 minutes. This allows you to invest very precisely.

Long Term

Conventionally, binary options have been short term investments of a few hours. Banc De Binary’s Long Term options now allows you to invest in much longer time frames.

Generally, Long Term options work just as Digital Options Pro. The only difference is that you chose a date and not a time from the drop down menu at the top where you choose your expiration time. Long Term options allow you to invest in longer, more fundamental market trends.

60 Seconds

60 Seconds options are the exact opposite of Long Term options: They use very short expiration times of only 60 seconds. This option type allows you to invest in short price movements such as breakouts on a very short level.

The biggest advantage of 60 Seconds options is that they allow you to complete a high number of trades in a short amount of time. On one hand, this gives you instant feedback and lets you know whether your strategy works or not. On the other hand, a high number of trades in a short amount of time is key to high earnings. Assuming a constant winning percentage, the more trades you make in the same time span the more money you will earn.


The fourth type of Banc De Binary Options is pairs. Pairs are the latest trends in binary options. Instead of predicting whether the price of one asset will rise or fall, you have to predict which of the two assets in a pair will outperform the other. This unique new premise opens up a whole word of possibilities: You can employ very secure and very risky strategies, invest in your knowledge about one of the assets, etc.

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