BinaryOptionRobot Brokers

BinaryOptionRobot BrokersBinaryOptionRobot has the best pricing model in all of binary options – for you, it is free. Your broker will pay for you. To get to benefit from this unique system, you have to choose a broker from the list of BinaryOptionRobot brokers.

Luckily, this list contains the best names in binary options and provides you with a solid pre-selection for a successful trading career.

BinaryOptionRobot Brokers

You can choose between the following BinaryOptionRobot brokers:

That is an impressive list, and it differs from the brokers other robots and signal providers recommend in two crucial points:

1. BinaryOptionRobot’s list is actually necessary

While most robots and signal providers offer their own list of recommended brokers, these list usually only serve their own interest. When the providers deliver a new customer to a broker, they get a reward, which is why they only list the brokers they have a deal with. For you, these brokers have little to offer and relying on recommended brokers lists is usually a bad idea to find a good broker.

With BinaryOptionRobot, things are different. With them the broker’s money pays for your robot, which means that you get a direct benefit from the list. It also means that you have to use the list to sign up with a broker – otherwise, the broker will not pay for your robot.

2. BinaryOptionRobot’s list is top notch

Since the recommended brokers list of other robots and signal providers serves the providers’ interests, the quality of the recommended brokers is of lesser importance. Often, you will end up with a service that does not fit the robot’s / signal provider’s trading style, that offers bad payouts, and that sometimes does not even offer all the assets the robot / signal provider wants to trade.

Once again, BinaryOptionRobot does a better job. Recommending such brokers as Banc De Binary, one of the biggest binary options brokers in the world, and GOptions and No1options, BinaryOptionRobot’s list of brokers puts you in the perfect position to start a successful trading career.

Which broker works best with BinaryOptionRobot?

The best thing about BinaryOptionRobot’s list of broker is that it features only good brokers. Regardless of which broker you pick, BinaryOptionRobot will be able to execute all signals and get good enough payouts to make you money.

This makes the decision about which broker to choose somewhat less significant – BinaryOptionRobot will do well with all options. If you want to make sure that you get the best possible customer service, a good education center, and the best offer of all the other soft factors, we recommend to go with Banc De Binary. One of the biggest binary options brokers in the world, Banc De Binary has the resources to make your trading comfortable and easy.

The decision becomes a little more difficult, if you plan to do some trading on the side and not rely on BinaryOptionRobot exclusively. In this case, you have to define which assets you want to trade with which binary option types, and find the broker that fits your needs best.

All in all, BinaryOptionRobot’s list of brokers provides you with a good starting point for anything you want to do. If you would like more information on a broker, check our review section.

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