BinaryOptionRobot VIP

BinaryOptionRobot VIPBinaryOptionRobot, the only free robot in the market, now offers an improved BinaryOptionRobot VIP service – and it’s also free. Sticking with their commitment to a free service, BinaryOptionRobot have found another genius way to offer you their service for free – all you need to do is refer one customer, and you will be upgraded to the VIP account.

Which features does the BinaryOptionRobot VIP account offer?

BinaryOptionRobot’s VIP account is an upgraded version of their standard account. You get all the features of the standard account plus more:

  • Reliable signals: BinaryOptionRobot analyzes the market and finds trading opportunities for you.
  • Automated trading: BinaryOptionRobot takes over the entire trading process for you – finding opportunities, investing, money management. You are free and can literally make money while you sleep.
  • Customizable trading: BinaryOptionRobot allows you to select how much money to invest per trade, when to use a stop-loss setting, and when to use inverse trading. This is where the VIP account comes in and provides you with an additional feature to select the risk level of signals that you want to trade.

With the additional feature of an adjustable risk level, BinaryOptionRobot has added an interesting option to their service. While it is yet too early to evaluate how this feature will affect the actual trading results, most traders have long craved the option to select which trades they want their robots to execute and which not.

For every trader it is important to understand that selecting only low-risk trades should in theory increase your winning percentage but will also reduce the number of trades you make. Therefore, it is far from certain that the increased winning percentage will also lead to higher profits. Simply put, it is more profitable to win 70 percent of 20 trades than to win 80 percent of 5 trades.

To get a detailed understanding of how the different settings influence BinaryOptionRobot’s results, click our link and then check the “signals” section of BinaryOptionRobot’s website.

How can I get the VIP account?

As with their entire service, BinaryOptionRobot offers their VIP account free of charge and has instead found another way for you to pay for the service. All you need to do is refer a new customer to BinaryOptionRobot, and your account will be upgraded to the VIP package.

For every referral, your account is upgraded for two months. By referring multiple customers, you can extend your VIP status. This system makes sense since BinaryOptionRobot is trying to avoid providing a VIP service to inactive customers, but it also requires you to stay on top of your account status.

To make sure that you get rewarded for every referred customer, always use your individualized referral link. This link includes your personal ID, which tells BinaryOptionRobot that you referred a customer. If you refer a customer without your link, BinaryOptionRobot can’t track the referral back to you and you will not get a reward.

Your referral is complete when your referred customer deposits money with the broker he signed up for through BinaryOptionRobot. Since this broker pays the cost for the customer’s robot, it makes sense that BinaryOptionRobot chooses this point to reward you.


The BinaryOptionRobot VIP account adds an interesting new pricing model to the world of binary option robots. Allowing you to get a better service for free is an indisputable benefit for every trader. Whether the adjustable risk level is so important to you that you want to keep referring new customers is something you have to decide for yourself.

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