Bloombex Options Bonus

Bloombex Options Bonus - LogoDo you look for a boost to start your binary options trading career? Then the Bloombex Options bonus is exactly what you need!

How much is the Bloombex Options bonus?

Bloombex Options offers a bonus to every new customer. Depending on how much money you deposit with Bloombex Options, you will get a bonus on your deposit. This means, your final account balance will be higher than your initial deposit – Bloombex Options gives you money for free.

The height of your bonus depends on the height of deposit:

  • If you open an account and deposit $250 – $500 you will get a 30 percent welcome bonus.
  • If you deposit $500 to $1,500 you will get a 70 percent bonus.
  • If you deposit more than $1,500 you will get a 100 percent bonus.

These are some of the highest bonus amounts given in the binary options industry. While many brokers offer bonuses of up to 100 percent, they usually require you to deposit at least $25,000 into your account to get such a high bonus.

Being able to get a 100 percent bonus for as little as $1,500 is a game changer. Finally, even new traders and traders with little money can get the help they need when they start trading. Imagine depositing $1,500 and getting another $1,500 free on top. This is a huge difference. You can make some rookie mistakes that cost you all the money you invested and you would still have $1,500 left.

Bloombex Options’ bonus gives you the security you need to start your trading career. This is an invaluable help you should not pass up.

In conclusion, Bloombex Options offers a unique bonus model that can help many traders get a better deal than anywhere else. If you believe in your negotiation skills, why not give Bloombex Options a try and see what you can get?


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