Bloombex Options Minimum Deposit

Bloombex Options Minimum Deposit - logoDo you want to start trading binary options? Then you need to know about the Bloombex Options minimum deposit requirements!

How high is the Bloombex Options Minimum Deposit?

The minimum deposit is an important value to consider with binary options. It indicates how much money you have to deposit into your account at least before you can start trading. After you started trading, each new deposit must also be at least as high as the minimum deposit requirement.

With Bloombex Options, the minimum deposit is 300 units of your accounts currency, which can be USD, EUR, GBP, or AUD. This means, there is no fixed minimum deposit for all account types. Depending on the current exchange rates, minimum deposit for USD might be a little lower than minimum deposits for EUR.

When 1 Euro is worth 1.1 US Dollar, for example, having to deposit at least €100 means that you have to deposit a value of $110 if you run your account in Euros, compared to a minimum deposit of $100 if you run your account in US Dollar.

This, however, should not trick you into running your account in the currency that is currently the cheapest. Exchange rates vary, especially over the span of a trading career. To not lose money because of changing exchange rates, keep as much of your success under your own control and run your account in the currency of your home country.

While Bloombex Options minimum deposit does not depend on the method you deposit money with, there is also a maximum deposit amount you should consider, and this amount greatly differs between different deposit methods:

  • With credit card / debit card, the maximum deposit is 20,000 units of your account’s currency.
  • With wire transfer, the maximum deposit is unlimited.
  • With CashU, the maximum deposit is 1,000 units of your account’s currency per transaction.
  • With Paypal / Moneybookers (Skrill), the maximum deposit is 20,000 units of your account’s currency.

If you plan to make a higher deposit than your preferred payment method would allow, either split your investment in multiple payments or think about using a deposit method with a higher maximum deposit limit.

Consider these minimum and maximum deposit requirements when depositing money with Bloombex Options, and you will never have a problem using their banking service.


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