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The BossCapital account types offer more than the accounts of any other binary option broker. Learn how to take advantage of this great deal now!

Unique advantages of the BossCapital account types

While all binary option brokers use different account types to provide each trader with the ideal service for his purposes, BossCapital’s account types have significantly more to offer than any of its competitors.

But let’s start at the beginning. BossCapital offers four account types:

The bronze account starts at a minimum investment of $1,000. In addition to a 20% welcome bonus, the silver account provides you with trading webinars and a personal analyst. For as little as a $1,000 such high rewards are unheard of. With most other brokers, you can never get a personal analyst. And even if you can, you need to invest significantly more money.

Starting at a minimum investment of $4,000, the silver account provides you with a welcome bonus of 40%. While you will keep the trading webinars and the personal analyst, you also receive 2 risk free trades.[table id=37/]

Starting with an investment of $5,000, you get the gold account. The gold account increases the welcome bonus to 65%, while allowing you for quicker withdrawals, 5 risk free trades, and 24/7 premium support. Additionally, you will receive fixed payouts of up to 80%. Of course, the gold account maintains the trading webinars and the personal analyst from the lower account types.

BossCapital’s highest account type, the VIP account, starts at $100,000. Since only absolute top traders can afford to keep such a high account balance without withdrawing their money, BossCapital does not publish any information on the VIP account. If you are thinking about investing $100,000, contact BossCapital’s support and ask them what they can do for you.

These features are without comparison in binary options trading. Getting a personal analyst for as little as a $1,000 investment or 24/7 premium support for only $5,000 is unheard of. Most brokers require 10 times this investment to provide you with the same perks.

Also, getting the effectively highest account type for as little as $5,000 is unique. When you start your binary options career and are short on cash, having this easy entry can greatly accelerate your way to the top. Make good use of BossCapital’s offer and you’ll reach the top soon, too.

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