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Are you looking to trade classical binary option types such as boundary options? Check out the BossCapital binary options, it might be one of your last chances to find them.

Discover the BossCapital binary options

BossCapital offers these four types of binary options:

High / low options: The classic binary options type, high / low options require you to predict whether the market will rise or fall over a given period of time. While allowing for relatively safe predictions, high / low options can still generate a payout of up to 81% – easily enough to make money with binary options.

Touch / no touch options: Touch / no touch options define a relatively far away price level from the current market price. You have to predict whether the market will touch this price level at least once before your option expires. Since this price level is so far away, touch options can generate payouts of up to 500% – the highest payouts of all binary option types.

Boundary options: Boundary options are perfect to trade market environments with high volatility. A boundary option defines two target prices, one to the upper side of the current market price and one to the lower side, with both target prices equally far away. You have to predict whether the market will reach either boundary before your option expires.[table id=37/]

60 seconds options: 60 seconds options are the quick version of high / low options. You still have to predict whether the market will rise or fall over a given period of time, but this period of time is reduced to 60 seconds. 60 seconds options allow you to place more trades in the same amount of time, thereby offering the highest earning potential of all binary option types.

With this selection of binary option types, BossCapital targets the classic binary option trader. High / low options, touch / no touch options, boundary options, and 60 seconds options have been the classic weapons of choice for binary option traders for years.

Recently, many brokers started dropping these classic binary option types to introduce new binary option types such as ladder options. Quite a few binary option traders see these developments critical. They miss the classic option types, especially the option to trade solely based on volatility with boundary options.

If you share this sentiments, you should give BossCapital a try. They are one of the few brokers that still offers such classic binary option types as boundary options.

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