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When opening a new account with BossCapital, there is a big bonus waiting for you: You can get up to 150% of your deposit as a BossCapital bonus for free and other perks.

How to get the BossCapital bonus

When opening a new account with BossCapital, you will get your bonus automatically – there is nothing you have to do. There are, however, a few you things you should consider before opening your account that can make your later trading endeavors much more successful.

As with any binary option broker, BossCapital’s bonus is applied to the money you invest when opening your account. When you get a deposit bonus of 100%, for example, your initial deposit will be doubled. BossCapital will add the same amount as you deposited for free to your total account balance.

In this system, there is one crucial thing to watch for: The height of your deposit bonus varies depending on your account. Depositing more money with BossCapital will get you a better account type and a higher bonus:

The risk free trades and the trades with a guaranteed payout extend your welcome bonus. Instead of receiving the money directly with your deposit, you will receive it through these trades.

In combination, these three bonuses will provide a significant boost to the start of your trading career. We encourage you to make good use of them and plan using your bonuses wisely.


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