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Are you looking for a binary option broker with a huge selection of assets and profitable option types? Then BossCapital is perfect for you. Read the BossCapital review here.

The detailed BossCapital review

BossCapital is a trustworthy, legit binary options broker that targets binary options traders with a preference for classic binary option types. One of the main factors for traders to sign with BossCapital is their selection of classic binary option types. BossCapital offers high / low options, one touch options, boundary options, and 60 seconds options.

The highlight of this list is boundary options. Many other binary option brokers have dropped boundary options from their list of binary option types and replaced them with ladder options, which can’t truly replace them in any way. If you want to trade boundary options, BossCapital is one of the last resorts for you.

Boundary options are the only binary option type that allows you to trade solely based on volatility, without having to predict which direction the market will move in. In some market environments, boundary options can generate almost certain winning trades – a great advantage to you, and the main reason why having boundary options at your disposal is so important.

All the other binary option types offered by BossCapital are equally profitable. Payouts are high throughout, with high / low options routinely offering payouts of more than 80 percent – a higher value than what most other binary options brokers offer and easily enough to make money with binary options.

This focus on classic binary option types dictates that BossCapital does not offer such new binary option types as ladder options or iFollow options. If those option types are important to you, you might want to think about registering with a binary option broker such as IQ Option or TR Binary Options. All other traders, however, will find a perfect selection of assets with BossCapital.

In addition to this great selection of binary option types, BossCapital also offers a long list of assets to invest in. You can select underlying assets for your binary option from four categories: Currencies, stocks, indices, and commodities. Each category feature as large as a selection as there is in binary options trading.

BossCapital’s trading platform uses the newest technology and provides easy handling. Even new binary option traders will learn handling the platform within minutes. Payments and withdrawals are quick and easy, without unnecessary bureaucratic hassle.

In the end, your decision whether to register with BossCapital really comes down to the question whether you like their binary option types. Classic traders will love them, more innovative traders might be better off with IQ Option or TR Binary Options.

We hope you enjoyed the BossCapital review, and encourage you to keep reading.

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