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Do you want to take your binary options trading to the next level? Then these tips will help you get there. Learn more with these BossCapital Tips.

The BossCapital Tips: 3 tips for more successful trading

These are the three most important BossCapital tips for your trading success:

Use boundary options to trade volatile markets

BossCapital is one of the last brokers to offer boundary options. Most other brokers have dropped boundary options in favor of other binary option types such as ladder options. To win a ladder option, you need to predict volatility and direction of the market. To win a boundary option, however, predicting volatility alone is enough, which makes boundary options a potent binary option type.

A boundary option creates a channel around the current market price, with the upper and lower boundary equally far away from the current price. To win your option, the market has to break either boundary.

Since it does not matter which boundary the market brakes, you do not have to predict in which direction the market will move. Predicting that the market has enough power to break either boundary is enough.

This elevates boundary options to a unique and valuable asset in your arsenal. Whenever you encounter a situation with uncertain market direction but certain volatility, boundary options are the ideal tool to make money. For example, when big news are about to be published and you know that the market will react one way or the other but can’t predict which way, boundary options are the easiest way to make money and, in this situation, far superior to all other binary option types.[table id=37/]

Deposit money by credit card

To stop money launderers from using BossCapital’s business for their illegal practices, BossCapital only allows you to withdraw as much money by credit card as you deposited with the exact same credit card.

Any money you deposit via wire transfer or ewallet can only be withdrawn by wire transfer. Wire transfer withdrawals, though, take much longer than credit card withdrawals and are charged with a fee. To stay flexible and be able to withdraw money whenever you need it for free, you should therefore deposit your money by credit card.

Make good use of BossCapital’s education center

BossCapital’s education center offers plenty of tools to help you become a better, more successful trader. With ebooks, videos, and webinars, BossCapital’s education center is one of the best ressources offered by any broker. While you need to be a registered member of BossCapital to access most parts of the education center, you can find everything you need after your registered. Make sure to use this potent tool to benefit your trading career.


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