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Do you have trouble validating your account with BossCapital? We help you out and explain the entire process to you. Learn more about the BossCapital validation process here.

The BossCapital validation process

Money launderers love any online service where they can deposit and withdraw money. It gives them the opportunity to cover their tracks and turn money from illegal practices into legitimate money they can spend. As a trustworthy binary option broker, BossCapital has to make sure they do not get involved in these illegal practices. Therefore, they ask you to validate your account before you can withdraw money.

This validation is quick and easy. All you need to do is provide BossCapital with pictures of 2 documents, maybe 3 if you plan to deposit or withdraw money via credit card. Those documents are:

A picture of a government issued ID such as your driver’s license, ID, or passport. The picture has to be front and back with your picture in the passport clearly visible.

A picture of a proof of residence, such as an utility bill or document by a notary – anything that proofs that you actually live where you claim to live will do.

If you plan to deposit or withdraw money by credit card, you need to provide a picture of this credit card, front and back, with the middle 8 digits of your credit card number and the CVV blacked out.

You can take these pictures with your smartphone or scan the documents. Send the pictures by email to BossCapital’s customer support, and they will validate your account quickly.

All in all, BossCapital’s validation is a minor inconvenience that creates a major security advantage. All binary option brokers employ a similar validation process, you will hardly find a legit binary option broker that does not require you to validate your account.

If you encounter problems with your account validation, this is probably due to the quality of your provided documents. To successfully validate your account, BossCapital’s customer support needs to be able to clearly read all the information on your documents. Often, this is not the case.

To get a better picture, consider scanning your documents. Scanned documents often are much clearer and more easily readable than photographed documents. If you do not own a scanner, make sure to take your picture in good lighting, with the flash on, and steady hands.

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