CherryTrade Accounts

CherryTrade Accounts - LogoWhen you open an account with CherryTrade, you can choose from 5 different CherryTrade accounts. Which account type you get depends on how much money you deposit – the more money you deposit, the higher your account type. Higher account types offer additional perks such as a higher deposit bonus and risk free trades.

5 different CherryTrade accounts

1) Classic account – The lowest of the CherryTrade accounts is the classic account targets new binary option traders. You can open a classic account with as little as $200. Most other brokers require higher minimum deposits of $500 or more, which means that CherryTrade is the ideal broker for trader who are low on cash to start their career. The classic account will get you a deposit bonus of 25% on your first deposit.

2) Bronze Account – The bronze account, starting at $500, improves the classic account to provide four risk free trades and a deposit bonus of 35%. Especially the four risk free trades are a unique feature only very few other brokers offer.

3) Silver Account – One of the most popular trading accounts at CherryTrade is the silver account, which starts at a minimum deposit of $1,000. The silver account provides you with four risk free trades of $50 and a 50% deposit bonus.

4) Gold Account – The gold account, CherryTrades second highest account type, starts at $5,000. With a deposit bonus of 75% and four risk free trades of up to $250.00, the gold  account targets medium traders. Getting a 75% deposit bonus and four risk free trades of $250 is huge – it can give you a significant boost to start your trading career.

5) Platinum Account – CherryTrades highest account type is the platinum account. The platinum account is for more advanced traders and starts at $10,000. You get four risk free trades of $500 and a welcome bonus of 100%. With the platinum account, you are set for success. Compared to most other brokers, who sometimes ask you to deposit $50,000 or more to get their highest account types, CherryTrade allows you to access their best account with less cash – a significant advantage on your way to the top.

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