CherryTrade Assets

CherryTrade Logo - CherryTrade assetsDo you want to become a successful binary option trader. Then you need a diverse list of assets to invest in. CherryTrade offers the perfect selection of assets for you. Learn more about the CherryTrade assets here!

Which CherryTrade assets are available?

CherryTrade offers a long list of all types of assets from all over the world. With CherryTrade, you can invest in currencies, indices, stocks, and commodities. All of these assets types have their unique features and are a good fit for different types of binary option traders and trading strategies – with CherryTrade, everyone can find the right asset to trade.

Let us now take a closer look at the type of CherryTrade assets you are offered:


CherryTrade offers currencies, which are traded in pairs. This means, you can never invest in a single currency, you can only invest in a currency in relation to another currency. This is perfectly normal, and no binary option broker can offer anything else. The value of $1 will always be $1, and the value of EUR 1 will always be EUR 1. To measure whether a currency is gaining or losing value, you always have to measure this currencies worth in another currency.

With the currency EUR/USD, for example, you can invest in the Euro and the US Dollar. If you predict that the EUR/USD relation will go up, you predict that the Euro will rise and/or that the US Dollar will fall. Vice versa, if you predict that the EUR/USD relation will go down, you predict that the Euro will fall and/or the US Dollar will rise.


Stocks are another type of asset that has its unique properties. While currencies can be traded continuously throughout the week, stocks can only be traded when their home markets are open for trading – roughly 8 hours on every week day. When a stock’s home market is closed, the stock’s price will not move, which means CherryTrade can’t offer a binary option based on this stock.

To make up for the shorter trading time of stocks and to always have a stock available to invest in, you need a binary option broker that offers stocks from all over the world. Due to the different time zones of markets in Asia, Europe, and America, being able to invest in stocks from all over the world means that there is always one stock available to invest in. CherryTrade offers you the perfect conditions for investing in stocks with binary options.


Indices work much like stocks. Indices, too, are only available for trading when their home market is open. Therefore, you also need indices from all over the world to invest in. CherryTrade offers you a large selection of indices, which means you can take advantage of you indice investment skills at any time of the day.


Commodities can be traded contionuously throughout the week. For big commodities with high trading volume, such as gold, silver, or oil, this is easily possible. For smaller commodities, such as wheat, coffee, or soja beans, the trading volume might be so low at some times, that CherryTrade has to limit access to these assets – if an asset’s price does not move due to too low volume, there is no sense in investing in this asset.

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