CherryTrade Experiences

CherryTrade Experiences - logoWhen we took a close look at CherryTrade, our eyes got wider and wider. CherryTrade offers a few unique tools that can increase the profits of your trading tremendously. Here is the account of our CherryTrade experiences.

Our CherryTrade Experiences

1. Easy sign up

The sign up process with CherryTrade is a breeze. Simly fill out a few basic information on CherryTrade’s homepage and your account is open for trading. After that, deposit money by credit card – a matter of minutes. Finally, you need to send pictures of your ID, a proof of residence, and your credit card (with the CVV and the middle 8 numbers blacked out) to CherryTrade’s customer service. It does not take long for CherryTrade to verify your data. After that, you can immediately start trading.

2. Learning what to do – Whoa, there are a lot of options

Our first impression of CherryTrade’s trading platform was a surprise – there were more binary option types than we expected. Especially ladder options and iFollow options presented us with an intriguing new way to approach the market. To avoid being overwhelmed, and to be able to take advantage of these highly profitable binary option types, we recommend you read up on them before you start trading.

3. This is awesome – let’s get going

After we digested the first shock, we realized the potential that we had at our fingertips. CherryTrade’s innovative new binary option types ladder options and iFollow options offered us two entirely new worlds of trading.

iFollow options allow you to copy the trades of a professional broker – automatically, and for free. This service by far exceed anything a signal provider or an automated trading robot could offer you. Even completely new traders can begin making money without doing anything, even in their sleep – a dream come true.

Ladder options are the ideal tool for more advanced traders. You can predict whether the market will trade above or below five available price levels once the option expires, thereby creating payouts of up to 1,500%. Ladder options are a great tool to trade more accurately, and create higher payouts, thereby allowing for high profits.

In addition to these two new, innovative binary option types, CherryTrade also offers the classic binary option types – high / low options, one touch options, and 60 seconds options. We had the impression that CherryTrade was a good broker for any type of trading strategy.

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