EmpireOption Minimum Deposit

empireoption minimum depositThe EmpireOption minimum deposit is $100. To make the most of your trading, there are a few more things you need to know, though. The first thing is that there are different minimum deposit requirements for your first deposit with EmpireOption and every deposit after that.

In this article, you will learn:

  • The EmpireOption minimum deposit for each deposit,
  • The EmpireOption minimum deposit for each account type, and
  • Three more important things you need to know.

With this information, you will be able to make the most of your deposits with EmpireOption.

EmpireOption minimum deposit: The minimum deposit for each deposit

The EmpireOption minimum deposit for each deposit is $100. That means, if you want to top up your account, you always have to deposit at least $100. Any deposit smaller than $100 will be rejected.

Compared to most other brokers, the $100 minimum deposit is at the lower end of what brokers ask. There are brokers that ask more, sometimes $250, but only very few brokers go lower than $100.

The $100 minimum deposit applies to all deposit methods. EmpireOption allows you to deposit money via credit card / debit card, wire transfer, and online payment providers. For each of these methods, you have to consider the same minimum deposit requirement.

This trader-friendly policy can make your life a whole lot easier. Instead of having to juggle different requirements for each deposit method, you have to remember only one minimum requirement. Many other brokers apply a higher minimum deposit to wire transfers, sometimes even $500. Such requirements make wire transfer deposit almost useless to most traders. With EmpireOption, you are free from such rigid regimentation.

EmpireOption minimum deposit: The minimum deposit for each account type

As most binary options brokers, EmpireOption uses an account system to provide traders with the bonuses that are individually right for them. Depositing more money will get you a higher account type, which comes with higher bonuses.

When depositing money with EmpireOption, it can make sense to keep the minimum deposit requirements of each individual account in mind. Getting a better account might provide you with the additional features to trade more effectively.

EmpireOption offers these account types:

  • Micro account:                   $200 minimum deposit
  • Classic account:                 $500 minimum deposit
  • Empire plus account:       $1,000 minimum deposit
  • Preferential account:        $5,000 minimum deposit
  • Empire VIP account:       $30,000 minimum deposit

The EmpireOption account model makes it easy for you to get a high account. Most other brokers ask you to deposit significantly more money to get a high account, with many account models starting at $1,000 and asking $5,000 or $10,000 for their second lowest account. With EmpireOption, the amount that would get you a low account with many other brokers will get you at least or medium account, maybe even the second highest account available.

In this account model, there are also a few crucial steps. The micro account, for example, offers you only one trade book, one seminar, and one weekly reports and financial analysis. Additionally, you have to withdraw at least $200 with every withdrawal.

The next higher account type, the classic account, improves these features significantly. You get two trade books, two seminars, and a daily report and financial analysis, but additionally also a personal account executive, EmpireTV, special promos, an economic calendar, built-in trading strategies, and a reduced minimum withdrawal of $100. For an extra deposit of only $300, the classic account puts you in a much better position to make money.

Even if you want to test binary options without much risk, you should, therefore, consider depositing at least $500 into your account to get the classic account’s extended list of features and provide you with a much better chance to start a successful trading career.

All higher account types follow the same basic model. If you can afford to get a higher account type, especially if you are close to getting a higher account type anyway, consider making the extra effort.

  • Starting with the empire plus account, you will get trading signals.
  • Starting with the preferential account, you will get one on one coaching and additional trading strategies.
  • Starting with the empire VIP account, you will get the full set of trade books and seminars.

If these features are important to you, consider depositing at least enough money to get the accounts they come with.

EmpireOption minimum deposit: Three more important things you need to know

To make the most of your trading with EmpireOption, there are three more things you need to know.

1. EmpireOption applies a fee to wire transfer withdrawals
For every deposit made by wire transfer, EmpireOption deducts the costs that this deposit created. These costs vary depending on where you live and how much money you deposit. While these costs are marginal in any case, they are nonetheless a factor you need to consider.

To streamline your trading process and avoid unnecessary costs, we recommend using EmpireOption’s other deposit methods, credit card / debit card, and online payment providers.

2. EmpireOption allows you to improve your account
Once you have registered your account with EmpireOption, the minimum deposit will be still relevant. In contrast to most other binary options brokers, the EmpireOption account model is flexible and allows you to improve your account.

This means, if you start by depositing $500, which will get you the classic account, and trade your way up to an account balance of more than $1,000, your account will be upgraded to the empire plus account.

Such a policy is rare in the binary options world, and it is a great gift to traders. Instead of forcing you to stick with the account you could afford when you started out, EmpireOption allows you to improve yourself. Even if you can afford only the lowest account type now, with a little skill, the binary options world is open for you.

For traders who plan to start a long trading career instead of only dabbling in binary options briefly, EmpireOption is the ideal partner to help them grow.

3. To withdraw money via credit card, you need to deposit money via credit card
When making a deposit, it pays to plan ahead. To comply with anti-money-laundering rules, EmpireOption only allows customers to withdraw as much money via credit card as they deposited via credit card. The reason for this policy is simple: criminals loves the internet’s anonymity, which allows them to launder their money. To prevent such activities, EmpireOption only pays money to the source it came from, which makes money laundering impossible.

To make withdrawals via credit card, you, therefore, have to deposit money via credit card. Since credit card withdrawals are subject to a fee, it makes sense to plan ahead and use credit card deposits to avoid this fee once you withdraw some money.


The EmpireOption minimum deposit is low and easy to handle. The requirements for each account are lower than with most competitors, which allows newcomers to get a cheap start and a much better account type with more features. Additionally, the minimum deposit requirements are the same for all deposit methods, which keeps things simple.


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