EmpireOption Review

empireoption reviewEmpireOption offers a unique combination of high payouts, newcomer-friendly features, and great security. Traders can profit from their payouts of up to 170 percent on high / low options, their demo account, and their social trading platform. Learn more in our EmpireOption review.

In this article, EmpireOption review, you will learn:

  • What is EmpireOption’s unique selling proposition?
  • How can EmpireOption help you to trade more successful than other brokers?
  • Is EmpireOption safe?

With this information, you will be able to make a well-educated decision on whether EmpireOption is the right broker for you.

EmpireOption review: What is EmpireOption’s unique selling proposition?

When you decide on a broker, you are looking for the best, for a broker that has something to offer that no other broker can rival. EmpireOption might have one of the most unique selling propositions of all brokers: EmpireOption offers payouts that are twice as high as the payouts of other brokers.

On EmpireOption’s high / low options, EmpireOption pays you a payout of up to 170 percent. Compared to other brokers, this is twice as much as their best payouts, which are around 85 percent usually.

It is almost impossible to overstate how much of an advantage it is to get twice the payout on a winning trade. With payouts of 85 percent, you would need to win roughly 55 percent of your trades to make money. With EmpireOption’s payouts of 170 percent, roughly 37 percent would be enough.

Since binary options offer only two possibilities for what can happen – the market can rise or fall – even random betting should get you a payout of 50 percent. In any case, you have to do a lot of things wrong to fall below 37 percent. Even complete newcomers and the worst traders in the world should be able to use EmpireOption’s payouts to make money.

One thing worth mentioning is that EmpireOption’s high payouts only apply to high / low options. On other option types, EmpireOption offers the same payouts as other brokers, which is why we recommend sticking with high / low options if you trade with EmpireOption.

Since payouts are the single most important factor in profitable trading, EmpireOption’s high payouts on high / low options are unique selling proposition no other broker can rival. With most brokers such a unique proposition is difficult to find, they are somewhat average in every aspect of their business. If you want to try a broker that stands out from the crowd, we suggest you give empireoption a try.

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EmpireOption review: How can EmpireOption help you to trade more successful than other brokers?

In addition to their uniquely high payouts, EmpireOption also offers a number of tools that can help you to trade more successfully. Let’s take a look at these tools one by one.

1. The EmpireOption demo allows you to test binary options risk-free

EmpireOption offers their customers a demo that allows them to test all aspects of their service risk-free. The demo provides you with all the features of a regular trading account but enables you to test these features with play money instead of real money.

This simple change makes a huge difference. If you are new to binary options or if you want to test EmpireOption before you trade real money with them, the demo puts you in the perfect position to learn everything you need to know without having to risk a single Cent. You can test whether you have what it takes to trade binary options successfully, whether you like EmpireOption, and which strategy works best for you.

After you have found out all of these things, you know whether you can make money with EmpireOption and binary options. If so, you can invest money into a system that you know works for you; if not, you can get out before you lose a single Cent. Consequently, the EmpireOption demo is a great tool that can enable you to start your trading career risk-free.

2. The EmpireOption simulator tells you what to invest in

If you are new to binary options, knowing what to invest in can be difficult. Especially when important news hit the market, many new traders wonder what the news will mean. Will the market rise or fall? How far will it move? Is the movement worth an investment?

The EmpireOption simulator can answer these questions for you. The simulator tells you the likely outcome of all important events that will affect the market. Based on these predictions, you can learn to understand the market yourself, and you know what to invest in.

For complete newcomers, the EmpireOption simulator can even be the cornerstone of your trading strategy. Combined with EmpireOption’s 170-percent payouts on high / low options, trading the simulator’s predictions is almost a guarantee to make money.

3. Social trading allows you to profit from the knowledge of successful traders

If you want to keep your trading as simple as possible, EmpireOption has the right tool for you. With their iFollow options, EmpireOption has joined the trend of social trading and allows you to copy the trades of experienced traders.

This system works in the simplest way possible. On their website, Empireoption lists a number of traders with their name, their country, and their trading success. You can pick any combination of these traders and follow them. Make sure to pick the traders that have traded successfully over a long period of time, and you should be able to find a profitable professional to follow.

When you follow a trader, their trades will be copied into your account, and you will be able to make the same profit as they do. Of course, you can adjust the amount to invest in a single trade, which enables you to adjust the trading style of a successful trader to your financial capabilities.

In this way, newcomers can save themselves the long, difficult task of having to learn how to analyze the market and find profitable trading possibilities, which can take years to accomplish and often includes expensive rookie mistakes. Instead, they can simply import the expertise of an experienced trader.

Consequently, EmpireOption’s iFollow options are a great way to trade successfully without having to analyze the market for yourself – the dream of any binary options trader.

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EmpireOption review: Is EmpireOption safe?

Now that we have reviewed EmpireOption’s trading process, we have to consider their safety mechanism. The opportunity to make a lot of money is useless if it is not backed up by the vigorous safety systems that guarantee that you can enjoy the rewards of your trading.

Luckily, EmpireOption has done a great job when it comes to security. They have protected all the safety holes that are a threat to some other brokers. In general, any online business is vulnerable in three ways. Let’s take a look at these vulnerabilities and what EmpireOption has done to protect you:

1.       Someone could intercept your password. The most prominent weak spot of any online business is the communication between the customer and the business. When you enter your password, for example, a criminal could intercept your transmission and steal your password. EmpireOption has solved this problem effectively by encrypting all transmissions between you and their trading platform with the SSL protocol. The SSL protocol is the safest thing the web has to offer, it is the same protocol the biggest banks use, and it keeps you completely safe.

2.       Someone could withdraw your money. Even though nobody can intercept your password, someone can steal the piece of paper on which you wrote down your password, or they might guess your password. In such an event, EmpireOption still protects you. Anybody who wants to withdraw money from your account with a withdrawal method you have never used before needs to provide pictures of your ID, your proof of residence, and (for credit card withdrawals) a picture of the credit card used. Additionally, withdrawals can only go to a bank account in your name or the credit card with which you deposited money.

3.       Criminals could misuse the service for their purposes. Criminals love the internet’s anonymity. It allows them to launder money by depositing and withdrawing money from multiple accounts and businesses. A business that comes under the attack of criminals might have to file for bankruptcy, or it could be closed by law officials. Both options would have negative consequences for you, which is why it is such a great feature that EmpireOption prevents these activities from the start. With the security features, we already mentioned – providing documents such as an ID, allowing withdrawals only to the same credit card the money was deposited with – EmpireOption eliminates the chance of being misused by criminals.

EmpireOption has prevented every security threat possible from affecting you. If you want to trade securely, this safety will be a great feature for you.

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In our EmpireOption review we have come to the conclusion that EmpireOption offers a number of unique features, that set the broker apart from all its competitors:

  • With payouts of up to 170 percent on high / low options, you can trade more profitable than with any other broker.
  • With a demo account, a simulator, and iFollow options, you get a simple, risk-free entry into the binary options world.
  • With a thorough security system, EmpireOption protects you from all attacks.

Combined, these three advantages make EmpireOption a great broker for new traders, all brokers that want to maximize their profits, and newcomers that want an easy, risk-free start.

If EmpireOption is the right broker for you, you can sign up with them by following one of the links we provided for you.

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