EmpireOption Scam

empireoption scamIs there an EmpireOption scam? We have analyzed their business and reached a surprising conclusion.

In this article, EmpireOption scam, we will analyze the three ways in which EmpireOption could be a scam:

  1. Is EmpireOption trying to steal your money?
  2. Can you make money with EmpireOption?
  3. Is EmpireOption safe?

Once we have tested these three criteria, we can conclude whether or not EmpireOption is a scam, putting you in the perfect position to decide whether or not to sign up with them.

EmpireOption scam: Is EmpireOption trying to steal your money?

The most obvious way in which EmpireOption could scam you is directly by simply stealing your money. Most people are generally cautious when they deposit money over the internet because they fear they might never get it back. Naturally, these fears also carry over to EmpireOption.

With EmpireOption, there is no reason to have such fears. We have never heard of a single case where empireoption has stolen someone’s money. As far as we know, everyone who deposited money with empireoption was always able to get it back.

With EmpireOption, there is no illegal business and no lazy business ethics. On the contrary, you can expect a quality service and first class business ethics. Consequently, EmpireOption can’t be considered a scam.

Verdict: No scam.

EmpireOption scam: Can you make money with EmpireOption?

Now that we have found that EmpireOption is not trying to steal your money actively, we have to analyze a second possibility: that they could be trying to steal your money indirectly. Much like a casino does not directly steal its customers’ money but offers them games where they can only lose, EmpireOption could be offering you too low payouts to make money. With every trade, EmpireOption would be robbing their customers a little more, which would have to be considered a scam.

Luckily, EmpireOption does not use such methods. You always get high enough payouts to make money, and EmpireOption is not trying to lure you into unprofitable situations.

If you trade high / low options with EmpireOption, for example, you can expect to get an average payout of around 75 percent. With an average payout of 75 percent, you would even make money if you win only 58 percent of your trades. Since high / low options offer only options for what could happen (the price goes up, or the price goes down), you will even win 50 percent of your trades if you simply guess the direction. With EmpireOption, you only have to improve this value slightly, and you will already start to make money.

Depending on your strategy, the average payout might be a little higher or lower than 75 percent, but in any case, you always have a realistic chance to make money with EmpireOption. All other binary options types offer a similarly good chance to make money.

With such fair odds, EmpireOption is no scam. Of course, making money with EmpireOption is not automatic, but if you invest some time and effort, you definitely stand a chance to turn a profit.

Verdict: No scam.

EmpireOption scam: Is EmpireOption safe?

The final way in which EmpireOption could scam you is unintentionally by neglecting security. If EmpireOption would cut corners when it comes to security and invite criminals to steal your money, you might lose all your money because of EmpireOption and we would have to consider their business a scam.

Luckily, your money is completely safe with EmpireOption. EmpireOption employs a number of security measures that make it impossible for anyone to steal your money.

Firstly, EmpireOption would never allow a criminal to withdraw money from your account. To steal your money, a criminal would have to withdraw money to his own bank account or credit card. EmpireOption prevents this possibility by only allowing withdrawals to the exact same credit card you deposited money into or a bank account in your name.

Now you might say, “But what if a criminal has the same name as me?” EmpireOption has planned ahead for this possibility. To protect your money against criminals with the same name as you, EmpireOption asks any person that wants to withdraw money to a bank account you have never used before to provide pictures of your ID and a proof of residence. Since only you have these documents, only you can withdraw your money.

With these security features protecting your money against all forms of criminal activities, you can be sure that nobody can steal your money. Consequently, EmpireOption can’t be considered a scam.

Verdict: No scam.


No aspect of EmpireOption’s business shows any signs of a scam. EmpireOption is not trying to steal your money directly, they are not forcing you to trade against insurmountable odds, and they do not make things easy for criminals who want to steal your money. Instead, empireoption offers a first class service that puts you in a good position to make money and keeps your money completely safe.

If you want to become a part of the EmpireOption family, we suggest you follow one of our links and sign up with EmpireOption now.

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