Finpari Binary Options

Finpari Binary OptionsThe Finpari binary options selection stands out. Combining classic option types with unique innovations, Finpari can make you rich.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Which binary options does Finpari offer?
  • Which advantages and disadvantages do Finpari’s binary options have, and
  • How do Finpari’s binary options compare to other brokers?

With this knowledge, you will be able to use Finpari’s binary options to maximize your trading success.

Finpari binary options: Which binary options does Finpari offer?

Finpari offers every single binary options type that is currently available. Combining such classic option types as high / low options and 60 second options with such innovative new tools as ladder options and spot follow options, Finpari offers the right asset for every type of strategy and every type of trader.

Finpari offers these binary options types:

  • High / low options: The classic binary options type allows you to predict whether an asset’s price will rise or fall over a given period of time. Allowing for relatively safe prediction and a high winning percentage, this option type is the basic tool for many traders.
  • Pair options: Pair options allow you to trade two assets in relation to each other, predicting which assets will outperform the other. While all brokers offer currencies to be traded with pair options, Finpari expands the principle to other asset types, for example commodities by allowing you to trade the oil vs. gold or gold vs. silver pair.
  • Long-term options: Where high / low options use expiries from a few minutes to a few hours, long-term options adapt the same trading principle to longer time frames and allow you to invest in expiries ranging from the end of the day to a few months into the future. If you want to trade long-term trends, this is the option type for you.
  • 60 seconds options: 60 seconds are the exact opposite of long-term options, adapting the trading principle of high / low options to shorter time frames from 30 seconds to 300 seconds. This option type is ideal for traders who want to increase their earning potential by making many trades in a short period of time.
  • One touch options: One touch options are ideal for strong movements. They define a far-away target price, and you have to predict whether the market will touch it before your option expires or not. Compared to high / low options, one touch options offer the advantage that the market does not need to remain at the price level, it is enough if it touches it for a split second, and that they offer higher payouts of up to 500 percent. Because of the long distance to the target price, however, you will win less of your trades, exchanging a higher payout for a lower winning percentage – ideal for traders that prefer high risk/high reward strategies.
  • Ladder options: Ladder options are a combination of high / low options and one touch options. They define five target prices, and you can predict whether the market will close above or below each of them. With this setup, ladder options offer endless possibilities. You can predict that the market will close above a target price far higher than the current market price, thereby creating a payout of up to 1,500 percent and the type of investment that can make you rich with one trade.
  • Spot follow options: Spot follow options allow you to copy the trades of professional traders. Finpari lists all of their professional traders with their winning percentage and their preferred asset, and you can pick any combination of them that you like. Once one of the traders you selected makes a trade, the trade will automatically be copied into your account, using your setting for the investment amount per trade. The ideal asset for new traders.

Finpari binary options: Advantages and disadvantages

Finpari’s selection of binary options stands out from the crowded field of binary options broker because it is one of the very few complete selections of binary options you can find. With Finpari, every type of trader can find the ideal option type for their strategy.

Finpari advantages for newcomers

Newcomers will cherish spot follow options. Being able to copy the trades of professional traders frees them from having to spend years mastering market analysis themselves. Instead of having to endure a long period of uncertainty and initial losses, newcomers can use spot follow options to jump to the good part of binary options trading – making money.

Which other investment type makes it so easy for you to let a professional do you trading? In most cases, you have to pay high fees for this offer, with Finpari, however, it is free.

Finpari advantages for experienced traders

Experienced trades love Finpari’s full selection of binary options types. Providing them with the right tool for every situation, Finpari allows experienced traders to maximize their profits.

Most significantly, Finpari’s ladder option are a tool only a few brokers offer. Ladder options are the first binary options types to introduce multiple possible outcomes, which create increases the accuracy of your trading.

Other binary options types only allow for one prediction, for example whether the market will rise of fall, or whether the market will touch a target price. They do, however, not allow you to nuance your prediction, for example by predicting how far the market will rise or fall, and whether it will remain above the target price.

With ladder options, Finpari fills the gaps these assets leave. You can choose from five different target prices and predict whether the market will close above or below the price. By predicting that the market will close below a target price that is far above the current market price, you can make a safe investment and win a high percentage of your trades. If you expect a strong movement, however, predicting that the market will close above the same target price can get you a payout of up to 1,500 percent.

Ladder options are one of the most versatile binary option tools and a gift to experienced traders.

Finpari binary options: How do Finpari’s binary options compare to other brokers?

Compared to other brokers, Finpari’s selection of binary options has three convincing arguments on its side:

  1. Finpari offers one of the most complete selections of binary options types you can find.
  2. Finpari offers all the basics you need, from high / low options to 60 seconds options.
  3. Finpari offers the uniquely special assets that can improve your profits significantly.

Combined, these three advantages make Finpari stand out from the crowd.


Finpari offers a complete selection of binary options. Regardless of whether you are a newcomer or an experienced trader, Finpari has the right tool for you. Especially spot follow options and ladder options can significantly increase your profits.

If you want to take advantage of Finpari’s great selection of binary options now, follow one of the links we provided for you and sign up with Finpari now!

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